Timely Assistance Anytime

1,000 engineers in France were given the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 to improve customer relations and ensure their satisfaction. This was successfully achieved as the Tab allowed the engineers to provide swift assistance, whenever needed.

Company Overview

  • Country France
  • Industry Retail & Consumer
  • Customer Profile Established in 2007, Connect Assistance provides solutions that support communications for individual and enterprise users through a digital device.


  • Technology Connect Assistance
  • Device GALAXY Tab 7.0


  • Supporting stable and easy repair services The capability to exchange in real-time mode with the network of technicians (1000 throughout France)
  • • Planning of interventions
    • Intervention orders
    • Records of intervention
  • And, while facilitating and enhancing the reliability of the intervention.
  • Providing accurate monitoring so as to increase customer satisfaction The aim of Connect Assistance is also to increase customer satisfaction by providing access to the content of interventions in near real time. In order to reach this target the company opts for monitoring indicators of activity in a more accurate and reliable method.
  • Creating a paperless work environment Connect Assistance wants to avoid paper management + scanning while conveying an up-to-date image throughout the technological tools used by the technicians in the homes of end users (about 40,000 operations/month).

Business Solution

  • Established in 2007, Connect Assistance provides solutions that support communications for individual and enterprise users through a digital device. Known for its specialist capabilities to manage Internet service providers and their networks as well as regular customers, the company provides services through about 1,000 engineers across France. It has also increased customer satisfaction by developing custom applications and introducing GALAXY Tab 7.0 with the aim of offering rapid services through the efficient management of a wide network of engineers.


  • Developing business application and providing a mobile device for Connect Assistance The application developed specifically for Connect Assistance provides the ability to directly call the customer whose details are on the order of intervention. The camera is also used to scan the barcodes of the IPTV set-top-boxes and enter the code in the intervention report without typing. It’s also possible to take pictures of the interventions whenever necessary. The product that fulfills these requirements: GALAXY Tab 7.0 Wi-Fi and 3G, with a built-in business application for Android fully designed internally. Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled GALAXY Tab 7.0 has been selected as a mobile device that satisfies these requirements and provided to engineers.
  • Providing a protective case, specially designed to protect the device from damage To secure the use of this tablet on the field (to avoid breaks and loss) and ease of use a dedicated protective case was custom made. It integrates the “IK Shock Resistant” system that can effectively protect the tablet from crashes or falls. The protective case can divide by 10 the rate of breakage of mobile equipment fleets. SFR Assistance logo is visible on the flap. On the back, there is an elastic strap system for safe tablet holding, and a system of rotating belt clip, to carry it either horizontally or vertically. A shoulder strap enables the tablet to be carried either horizontally or vertically.


  • Providing 750 units of GALAXY Tab 7.0 and offering stable and prompt services To facilitate the equipment of the 1000 technicians, Connect Assistance directly ordered 750 units of GALAXY Tab 7.0. The tablets were delivered with car chargers and stylus and were sold to providers at attractive conditions. All Connect Assistance Network engineers can provide their customers with stable and speedy home visiting services with GALAXY Tab.