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Video LYNK™ REACH 3.0 Tutorial

SMART Hospitality Display

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Video Key Highlights of SMART Signage TV

A video that visually explains the key highlights of SMART Signage TV

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Video SMART Signage TV - From Unboxing To Installation

A How-To video that walks you through the simple steps of installing SMART Signage TV

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Video SMART Signage TV - From SW Installation To Content Creation

A How-To video that shows you how to setup your SMART Signage TV, install Creator s/w on your PC and to create and publish your content with it

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Video SMART Signage TV for the Real World

A video that shows SMART Signage TV in actual usage environment for better understanding of its benefits

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Video Usage Tracker - Business Core™ Printing Solutions

Keep your printing usage and costs in check by tracking all devices and users within your network with ease.

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Video SmarThru™ Workflow Lite - Business Core™ Printing Solutions

Streamline manual and repetitive work by distributing documents to multiple predefined destinations with a one-touch scan.

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Video SecuThru™ Lite 2 - Business Core™ Printing Solutions

Serverless, secure pull printing along with secure authentication and release.

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