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White Paper Shifting of the Hospitality Landscape

Enhance guests’ convenience and pleasure through tailored content and high-quality displays.

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White Paper An Overview of Samsung KNOX 2.0

Samsung KNOX 2.0 includes a number of new features that address key enterprise needs.

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White Paper Meet evolving enterprise mobility challenges with Samsung KNOX™

The growth of enterprise mobility, driven by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, has recently fostered a rapid shift in the enterprise mobility marketplace.

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White Paper Optimize content management, security and guest services

Samsung's REACH and SIRCH solutions save valuable time and resources

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White Paper Smartening up the Classroom for a New Learning Experience

Integrating technology into the education curriculum

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White Paper Samsung introduces new mobile security solutions

Shifting from an enterprise-owned device fleet to having employees bringing their own devices has a major impact on the way of thinking and acting about mobile security. Organizations must consider and take action on three major impacts when taking this step.

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White Paper Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX features one of the most comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities available.

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White Paper Successfully Embracing Business Mobility

Security issues surrounding the deployment and use of mobile devices for professionals is a major concern in the ever-evolving business world. We are providing leading solutions to make secure and successful mobile business operations a reality.

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