Simplify hospitality display management using existing cable infrastructure

A flexible, easy-to-use and cost-efficient content management solution for hospitality display

Today’s patrons demand an ever-widening variety of in-room entertainment, which hotels must provide at the lowest possible cost. Hotels seek to enrich their guests’ in-room experience while enhancing brand image and sales, all the while, managing TVs simply and efficiently over an existing infrastructure.
As an embedded content management solution for hotel TVs, Samsung LYNK REACH 3.0 enables hotels with coaxial cable infrastructures to implement a more affordable and efficient content management solution. Samsung LYNK REACH 3.0 enables hotels to update firmware and adjust guest room displays, and to control and manage content by remotely transmitting a radio frequency (RF) signal through REACH Server. With LYNK REACH 3.0, hotels can enhance the guest room environment by eliminating additional bulky equipment such as set-top boxes and cables.

Leverage an existing coaxial infrastructure to streamline content and TV management

LYNK REACH 3.0 is Samsung’s embedded software solution provided with LYNK REACH Server that helps hospitality properties manage and deploy content on guest room TVs. LYNK REACH Server communicates with the hotel’s Property Management Server (PMS) and the Internet, and delivers information automatically with service content on the guest room TV. Through LYNK REACH Server, and using LYNK REACH 3.0 software, hotel managers and IT administrators can update and adjust TVs remotely and deliver a wider range of content over RF signals.

Remotely and easily manage in-room displays and content to maximize efficiency

With coaxial-based infrastructures, properties upgrade TV firmware and deliver content updates and channel mapping by deploying personnel throughout the site, using cloned USB devices to update each room display individually. However, the LYNK REACH 3.0 interface provides efficient PC-based remote content management, saving time and resources. Through this interface, content managers can readily edit and manage information, and content can be provided from the Internet through the REACH Server.

Customize your hotel message with a fully and easily customizable UI

Equipped with familiar and intuitive UIs, the LYNK REACH 3.0 solution interface helps content managers readily edit and manage information, and deploy it in real time. The interface contains a simplified menu with a tree hierarchy of settings that resembles a desktop folder system. The solution features enhanced visual elements to help employees locate settings or items quickly and easily. The UI enables hotel managers to insert images, videos or text, and to relocate and resize items. LYNK REACH 3.0 also provides a selection of fully customizable, easy-to-use templates to help content managers set up a customized property portal with editable background messages and images.

Customize in-room content for specific audiences

Hotels can provide guests with customized TV content based on room groupings to tailor the guest experience and provide relevant, timely information. Managers can create display groupings with dedicated content, announcements or channel listings for specific sets of guests, which is ideal for targeting information to groups such as convention attendees. For example, a block of rooms used for a conference can be set to receive pop-up messages alerting guests of a meeting time and location.

Generate additional revenue with on-screen advertising

Hotels can deliver promotional advertising about their amenities or special offers directly to guest rooms through a ticker on in-room displays. LYNK REACH 3.0 also provides a template that supports advertisements with live channels for broadcasting in public hotel areas, such as displays in lobbies and restaurants. The ability to include advertisements on the displays during broadcasts provides an additional revenue stream for hotels

Deliver quick and convenient information to hotel guests

For hotel guests, LYNK REACH 3.0 provides quick, convenient access to relevant information. Guests can readily access content, including hotel services, real-time weather reports, flight information and more, with multiple-language support on their in-room TVs. Local event and tourist information can also be displayed for fast and easy guest access.

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