SmarThru™ Workflow Lite

with a cost-saving automated workflow solution

Increase productivity with a cost-saving automated workflow solution.

Automatically distribute scanned documents to multiple predetermined destinations to reduce manual and repetitive document work. Additionally, users can transmit scanned documents to locations based on zonal text content or barcode scans.
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One-touch Scanning to Distribution

SmarThru™ Workflow Lite streamlines manual and repetitive work by distributing documents to multiple predefined destinations with a one-touch scan.
Scanned documents are sent to predefined destinations automatically without a server so you’ll always have easy access to the files you need.

One-touch Scan distributes documents to multiple predefined destinations.

Zone-OCR and Barcode Recognition

In addition to Barcode recognition, SmarThru™ Workflow Lite has Zone OCR recognition, an optical character recognition feature that reads and translates scanned character images into character codes. Once captured, documents can be routed to predetermined destinations based on barcode scans or text content. Save resources and increase productivity with additional built-in automation such as file naming and folder creation.

Zone-OCR and Barcode Recognition reads and translates scanned images into codes for distribution.

Fax Routing

Enjoy the convenience of having an incoming fax routed to a specific individual or a group. Enhance your workflow with automated Fax Routing which distributes incoming faxes to predetermined locations by manually categorizing locations using metadata or caller ID.

Incoming faxes can be routed to a specific individual or group based on metadata or caller ID.