Why Samsung

Why Samsung

Proven, award-winning products combined with leading business solutions provide great answers to customer challenges.
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Samsung Services

Samsung's Service portfolio demonstrates aglie response to non-standard requests for tailored support.

We deliver a fast and flexible customisation service for all our clients.

For many of our competitors, proactive and attentive customer service is not a priority when dealing with under-performing printing infrastructure. At Samsung, it is central to our business ethos. We stand by the essential need to understand your requirements in order to deliver the best possible solution prior to the implementation stage. The more care and planning that goes into customising a solution that meets your needs, the more you will get out of it when it is operational.

With our extremely well-funded R&D department and our in-house manufacturing team, we deliver a fast and flexible customisation service for all our clients. This means we focus on how to optimise the benefits you get from your investment in Samsung Printers. According to your specific needs, we will deliver software and firmware customisations or hardware modifications. The outcome is the smoothest possible transition from your existing infrastructure to our Samsung devices, and maximum performance and productivity from day one.

Naturally, once your Samsung print infrastructure is up and running, you will want to feel reassured that we are committed to keeping it that way. We provide a standard service for all our business customers comprised of everything from call centre support to multi-level support upgrades. With business service hotlines in 43 countries worldwide, and our next-business-day, on-site service response, you can feel confident in our ability to support your service needs.

In the event that an issue is not resolved by one of our call centres, or by our service network, our own superior, in-house resolution service will be provided.

We have many customers with very specialised needs. In such cases, we have designed a customised response service that is unique to them. This can include features such as parts-only warranties, service period extensions, or changes to service types, e.g. changing from device pick-up to on-site support calls. Whatever your requirements, we are sure that our extensive and flexible service will be on hand to give you the support you need.