Why Samsung

Why Samsung

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Samsung Supplies

At Samsung, we believe in giving you the most diverse choice possible. This culture is evident in our range of authentic Samsung Supplies. Options ranging from high-yield, standard-yield or value-pack cartridges mean that we have an offer to suit almost all business requirements.

Samsung Supplies deliver perfect document output.

It is a well-known fact that using our authentic Samsung Supplies will maximise your printer's performance and efficiency. Samsung Supplies deliver 100% reliability in test conditions, and offer up to 32% higher yield than re-manufactured cartridges. Cartridge defects can often be damaging to printers, resulting in printer down-time and/or low productivity. Recent tests show that original Samsung cartridges are 100% reliable, while up to 41% of the re-manufactured cartridges tested underperformed. Our Samsung Supplies guarantee that your printer is protected and that it works efficiently for longer.

Samsung printer cartridges are designed to perform to an extremely high standard. Optimum toner-fusing properties ensure durable and long-lasting print output compared to less well-known brands. The result is vibrant colour representation on the page, and a printer cartridge that responds to the rigorous demands of your work environment.

When it comes to managing your Supplies investment, we simplify the process with our automated Supplies monitoring function. This informs you when your Supplies are low and your toner needs replenishing. Toner usage reports and proactive alerts will guarantee that you never run out.

What happens when you need to dispose of your old toner cartridge? The Samsung Recycling Centre was established as part of the Samsung Green Management Programme in May, 1996. All toner cartridges collected from Samsung printers go through 100% material recycling processes to ensure environmentally-friendly disposal. Through our Samsung Take Back and Recycle (STAR) Programme, toner cartridge collection is organised free of charge, simplifying disposal and helping you do your bit for the environment effectively.

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