The DV100 is a fun social camera. Include yourself in captured moments using the front LCD to line up the perfect shot of you and your friends. It features a high resolution sensor and bright lens to capture high quality stills even when it’s dark. Bring out the artist in you — with the magic frames and smart filters, you can personalize your images by putting yourself on a magazine cover or simulate a retro-look.

Take great self portraits of you and your friends

The DV100 features a front 1.5” LCD that makes taking group and other tricky self- portraits a snap. Play Children Mode animation to keep a child’s attention or let the group know just when to smile with Self Timer’s visual countdown. Be part of every image with the front LCD, preview self-portraits, then click, and effortlessly get perfect pictures with you in the middle of the action. With the Jump Shot feature, quickly shoot images of your friends jumping, and then create fun animations.

Closer, wider, brighter

5X Zoom / F3.3 26 mm Lens / 16.1 Mega Pixels
When you’re taking pictures at a performance, make every seat the best seat in the house. The 5x optical zoom gives you great close-ups, even from the back row. Up front? The 26 mm wide-angle lens captures all the action on stage. And the combination of 16 megapixels and F3.3 lens give you high quality images — even in dim lights.

Clearer shots in the dark

Capturing moments at night have never been easier with the bright F2.5 lens

HD movies in the palm of your hand

720p HD Movie Recording
Inside this stylish, yet powerful camera, capture 720p HD-quality video at 30 frames per second —clearer than the average compact digital camera video. From the concert hall to birthday parties get HD-quality videos wherever you are.

The simple way to go pro

Smart Auto 2.0
When taking photos under bright conditions and you cannot see the subject’s face, use the backlight mode and get a clearer pictures using Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie). Get the best possible result every time. Scene detection technology identifies up to 16 different shooting conditions, instantly analyzes key elements of your composition, and then automatically adjusts to optimize settings for every individual situation.

Bring out the artist in you

Turn a portrait into an old film still or put a friend’s face on a billboard. Magic Frame comes with 12 background templates such as wall art, full moon, magazine, and holiday that lets you easily create poster quality art.

More fun, more artistry with Smart Filter

Smart Filter 2.0
Take your creativity to a higher level with the 13 lens and color effects of Smart Filter 2.0. During playback, choose the Vignetting Effect for striking compositional contrast; the Fish-eye Effect to enhance videos with a cool, distorted feel or the Miniature Effect to give subjects a scale-model look. Color filters — like Sketch and Defog — add emotion, an ultra-vivid vibe or other artistry to your images.

Perfect Portrait System

The Perfect Portrait System helps create flawless portraits, easily. Face Detection automatically adjusts settings to ensure the ideal focus and exposure. Beauty Shot and a red eye removal feature take care of the details — retouching skin tone, and eliminating facial imperfections and red eye.

Smart Face Recognition + Face Tracking

Smart Face Recognition plays favorites — it recognizes and adjusts the focus and exposure on up to 20 faces you designate (or have taken the most photos of), and makes them stand out in a group. Face Tracking ensures optimum settings for faces in motion, so your favorites are always in focus.