Sleek, stylish and a touch of sophistication

The deceptively simple yet feature rich Samsung ST90 is sure to surprise you with its design and picture quality. You can get crystal clear, close-up shots with its slim and powerful 5x Samsung optical zoom lens and can view them clearly on the 2.7" Intelligent LCD display. Digital Image Stabilization eliminates blur caused by camera shake and delivers crisp images every time, and 14 megapixels allow your photos to come out clear and detailed. Add Samsung’s unique Magic Frame and 720p HD movie recording and this camera has every feature you’ll ever need.

High Definition Movie Recording

The ST90 has the ability to record your movies in HD 720p resolution at 30 fps. The latest H.264 compression format enables more than 3x the recording time compared to the previous format, surpassing the capabilities of a many camcorders.

Get a whole new view

Get more from your lens, whether shooting a memorable landscape or the gang’s reunion around a restaurant table. By using the precision-cut ST90’s 26 mm wide-angle lens, with its 5x optical zoom, you instantly cover a whole-horizon field of view. Now, you can now capture full-scale memories of landmarks and landscapes, entire wedding parties and the tallest skyscrapers.

Invent new looks for your images with Smart Filter

Samsung’s Smart Filter lens and colour effects deliver an artistic edge to your still shots and videos. The Tilt & Shift Lens Effect gives your subjects a miniaturized look, the Vignette Camera Effect delivers a strikingly strong compositional contrast, Fish-eye Effect gives your video that cool distorted feel and Sketch or Defog Colour effects can add an expressive layer to your shots.

A simple way to go pro with Smart Auto

Innovative Smart Auto means your photos come out perfectly every time, regardless of conditions. Our scene recognition technology automatically chooses from various settings like Portrait, Night, Backlight, Landscape and White, finding the right setting for your specific conditions.

Edit your own special effects with Magic Frame

The unique Magic Frame feature provides fun and unique predefined templates where you can select and place your captured image into the background, combining them into one image, creating a one-of–a-kind effect. Making a poster or a fun post card has never been easier with the Magic Frame capability.

Digital Image Stabilization (DIS)

Digital Image Stabilization gives you sharp images no matter the condition. Whether it’s low light, zooming or just a case of plain old shaky hands, your photos come out sharp and clear. So let the ST90 shake things up. In a good way.

Smart Face Recognition

Smart Face Recognition recognizes and automatically adjusts the focus and exposure on up to 20 faces you’ve designated or have taken the most photos of, so that you can make those special to you stand out in the group.


For the modem mobile lifestyle, ST90's intelli-studio software is built-in, giving you the freedom to play, edit and share files on any PC. As soon as the ST90 is connected to a PC via USB, intelli-studio runs automatically.