Home movies will never be the same with a Samsung F90. This portable camcorder records 1280 x 720 HD, so your footage is crystal clear and ready to display on your Samsung big screen. And with the F1.8 lens and the 52x optical zoom, you can get closer than before, even in low-light situations. Connect the F90 to your HD screen using the HDMI output and the entire family can relive those memorable moments.

Capture crystal-clear video with HD recording

HD Recording (1280 x 720 30p)
Now you can shoot with the same clarity, richness and vibrancy as feature films. 1280 x 720 30p HD recording offers 2.5x times better resolution than conventional standard definition camcorders. And since video is captured at 30 frames per second, you’ll enjoy a cinematic-like experience. For incredible playback, simply connect the camera to your large HDTV or HD monitor.

Capture more colour and more detail, even from far away

52X Optical Zoom (70x intelli zoom)
With a powerful optical zoom, you’ll never look at home movies the same way. The 52x optical zoom allows for extraordinary close-ups, even from far away, while HD recording brilliantly captures all the detail. You’ll get a clearer, sharper picture every time.

Better photos in low light

Capturing photos at night has never been easier with this bright F1.8 lens. Even with a regular flash, taking photos in low-light situations can give you blurry results, but a Samsung camera can help remedy this. The F1.8 lens captures the surrounding light to take clearer shots even in the dark. From sunsets to candlelit dinners, capture the moments as they are.

Simpler and faster YouTube uploads

One Touch Sharing Button
A baby’s first steps. A grandmother blowing out 90 birthday candles. Dolphins leaping from the ocean. Let the rest of the world share in the fun with easy one-touch YouTube uploads. After you capture your must-share moments, simply connect the camcorder to a PC, select your files, and press the One-Touch Sharing Button to quickly upload your videos to YouTube.

Bookmark your favorite scenes

My Clip
Play back your favorite moments of a night out with friends or your hike through the woods — without having to waste time fast-forwarding or rewinding. The My Clip feature allows you to tag any scene in your video, so you can instantly relive the most hilarious bits or amazing sights over and over again — with no additional editing.

Give your home movies emotional heft

Smart BGM II
Add a professional touch to your movies with Smart BGM Ⅱ (with My Music). Select one of four preloaded classical pieces to score your videos. Or import songs from your PC’s music library by using Samsung’s Intelli-Studio. And if there’s talking in the scene, it won’t get drowned out by the score. Smart BGM Ⅱ automatically lowers the music, so you always hear whoever is speaking.

More natural hues in every image

Natural color with CMOS
Whether lush greens in a garden, cool blues of an ocean, or a ruby-toned party dress, accurately capture the many colors of life. The CAMCORDER features a CMOS Sensor, which filters light into separate red, green and blue elements for color reproduction that is richer, deeper, and more natural looking than any taken with a CCD Sensor. You’ll also enjoy clearer images, with no vertical smears.

Take a break in the action

Record Pause
When shooting a long video, like a baseball game or a child’s play, you’ll probably want to take a break for any long pauses or intermission. With the Record Pause feature on the Samsung CAMCORDER, you can pause the recording and then pick up right where you left off without creating a new file. This way you only have one file to work with and don’t have to merge files for editing, sharing or transferring.

Time Lapse

The Time-Lapse recording feature is fun and easy to use. By taking still frames at preset intervals and then putting them in sequential order, the Samsung CAMCORDER is able to create a video file that condenses hours of recording such as sunset or sunrise into minutes of viewing.

USB Charging

Simply connect the Samsung CAMCORDER to a PC’s USB port, turn on the PC, and your camcorder will start recharging. This intelligent feature gives you the freedom to shoot, share, and recharge from almost anywhere.

2.7"(67.5 mm) LCD

With the wide 2.7"(67.5 mm) LCD display, you can see everything in the shot — even when you’re next to the camcorder. That’s because the LCD display features a wide viewing angle that lets you see images on the screen clearly while you shoot, even when you’re looking from the side, above, or below.


Just one HDMI code is all it takes to connect your Camera/Camcorder directly into your TV, computer or DVD player. With Camera/Camcorder, making professional quality videos is just as easy as sharing them.