Get a better handle on recording
The Samsung QF20 camcorder features Switch Grip II, Full HD resolution and Wi-Fi capabilities so it's easier to shoot movies with vibrant detail, and to share them, too

With the QF20, you won’t look at home movies the same way again. The 20x optical zoom allows for extraordinary close-ups, even from far away, while Full 1080p HD recording captures all the details brilliantly. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity lets you upload videos to your favourite social sharing sites from any hot spot around the world. If you’re left-handed or right-handed, the QF20 was made for you with the unique switch grip feature. Other innovative features, such as Smart Background Music II and My Clip, help you enhance the mood of your movie and fi nd favourite scenes instantly.

Share your moments wirelessly

No more searching for cables. With built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can share every special moment on the move. Post videos on to YouTube™, upload your latest photograph to Picasa ™ , or share both photos and videos through Facebook ™ , then sit back and wait for the raves. Use the TV Link feature to wirelessly display your photos/videos on a large TV screen. With a click of the Auto Backup feature, save images to your PC without connecting the camcorder to a computer – it's that easy.

Left handed or right, no problem

One thing “lefties” and “righties” can agree on is that the streamlined and compact QF20 with Switch Grip II was made for both hands. Because no matter which hand it’s held in, the camcorder’s LCD screen will adjust to ensure that the picture is shown right-side up. More comfortable shooting while holding the camcorder vertically? Good news: you can rotate the LCD screen 90° and the image will remain right-side up. Shooting video from difficult positions has never been easier.


Bookmark your favourite scenes

Play back your favourite moments of a night out with friends or your hike through the woods - without having to waste time fast-forwarding or rewinding. The My Clip feature allows you to tag any scene in your video, so you can instantly relive the most hilarious bits or amazing sights over and over again with no additional editing.

Relive your adventures with Full HD Recording
1920 x 1080 / 60i

Why shoot just video when you can shoot Full HD movies? With 1920 x 1080 60i resolution, you capture richly detailed images with vivid colour and intense clarity. The interlaced frame rate of 60 frames per second - which delivers 30 frames per second - matches the NTSC television format used in countries such as the USA, Canada and Japan. This helps ensure picture perfection on your HDTV or HD monitor, and a superb viewing experience for you.

Capture things you couldn’t before with 20x Optical Zoom

Lightweight and compact, the QF20 goes wherever you go. It also features a Schneider Kreuznach lens with 20x Optical Zoom (40x Digital Zoom) that puts you in the middle of the action, even when you’re far away. Capture a game-winning goal from the far end of the soccer field, or a band rocking out even from the back row. Details are as crisp and clear as if you were shooting from up close.

OIS Duo + shakes off unsteady hands

With OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) Duo +, you can capture clear and steady video. The QF20 combines a built-in OIS with digital image stabilization technology to prevent bumps, jolts, and shivers from blurring image quality. OIS Duo Plus also compensates for body movement that can occur while you’re moving around, or for the movement of the digital zoom.

Add a soundtrack to your home movies
Smart BGMII (with My Music)

Add a professional touch to your movies with Smart BGM ll (with My Music). Select one of four preloaded classical pieces to score your videos. Or import songs from your PC’s music library by using Samsung’s Intelli-Studio. And if there’s talking in the scene, it won’t get drowned out by the score. Smart BGM ll automatically lowers the music, so you always hear whoever is speaking.

A setting for every scene - Smart Auto

Automatically select from one of 11 preset modes - such as Night, Natural Green, Macro and Portrait - to instantly compensate for a variety of varying light conditions or image details. Never again miss a spontaneous scene due to time-consuming setting adjustments

Make art out of time

Capture an event that takes place over the course of hours and present it in a fraction of the time. Art Time-Lapse Recording captures still frames at preset intervals, then creates an HD file with the stills placed in sequential order. A variety of modes, including Night Time, Zooming, Panning and Reverse Playback, give you more creative options.

Record Pause

While shooting a video in Record Pause mode, it allows you to briefly pause the recording and then pick up right where you left off without creating a new file. This way you only have one file to work with and don’t have to merge files for editing, sharing or transferring

Shake it

Next time you record a get-together, add some fun with Shake It. Just a couple of jostles of the camcorder can randomly add one of several different digital effects, such as a posterization effect, to a scene. Shake It even works in Playback Mode, when it will embed preloaded music into your clip.

2.7” Smart Touch LCD

Change the way you look at things. The large screen delivers clean, crisp images that are saturated with natural colour and deep, dynamic detail. The touchscreen makes it easier to find the feature or content you’re looking for.

5.3 M Still Photo

While recording video and without interruption, you are able to capture still images (5.3 mega pixels) that are as vivid and vibrant as life itself.