Directional Microphone for catching the perfect sound when shooting video! The EM10 is designed to capture the best sound quality recordings. Shaped as a shotgun mic to minimize the background noise, it records high quality directional sound clean and vivid stereo sound guaranteed!

Vivid Stereo Sound Capture

The gun-design and advanced stereo mean that the ED-EM10 can untangle confusing sound input and concentrate in recording vivid and clear sounds, giving you the perfect accompaniment to your filming.

Zoom and Wide Modes—Adjust the Sound Recording to the Shooting Conditions

With the ED-EM10, you get control and versatility thanks to the Zoom and Wide modes. If your sound source has a narrow and long range, you can enhance the directional performance with the Zoom mode, effectively reducing intrusive background noise. And when the source is close up with a wide sound-base, the Wide mode is perfect for capturing the complete vivid and crisp sound for you.

Live Sound Monitor and Built-in Wind Screen

For even better control, you can use the 3.5 mm stereo mini jack to monitor the recording in real time. Together with the Wind Screen to exclude unwanted wind noise, your ED-EM10 gives you complete confidence in capturing the best quality sound to accompany your filming.

Compatible with NX Camera Systems

ED-EM10 can be used with the NX20/210/1000/300/2000 and succeeding models as well as the EX2F.