Multi-Coated Protector Filter with Multi-layer Film Coating for High Light Penetration Ratio! Compared to general UV filters, our MC protector filter gives you superior performance. Using high-tech materials, the filter protects the lens from damaging substances and enhances image quality by suppressing unwanted ghost and flare effects. The 43 mm MC protector delivers the best brightness and color reproduction to give you fantastic high resolution images.

Capture it perfectly with UV filtering

The Samsung multi-coated UV filter is simply perfect for minimising photographic distortion, which is often found in amateur pictures. By absorbing the UV light, the PT Filter is able to reduce effects such as photographic haze. The results are clearly superior with brilliant colours and greater detail. This filter can be especially effective when taking photos by the seaside or up in the mountains, where the air cleaner.

Ghost and Flare Suppression

How do you minimize those unwelcome ghost and flare effects when shooting with backlight? Simple - use the 43mm MC protector! The filter effectively suppresses ghost phenomena that occur when bright light is reflected inside or on the surface of the lens, and reduces flare phenomena that occur when taking photos of bright subjects. Using the filter with a short-length hood on a wide-angle lens further reduces the impact of flare.

Lens Protection

The filter, designed to withstand contaminants and strong external impacts, protects the new high-tech materials used for the lens and frame. The lens surface is designed to remains free of fine dust, finger prints, and other pollutants. And the filter itself is robust and can withstand the casual external impacts and scratches.

Lens Compatibility

The 43mm MC protector is compatible with NX 16 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm pan cake lenses, 45 mm standard lens and etc. (for Φ 43 mm Lens)