Natural Density Filter that Reduces the Amount of Light without Changing the Field of Depth! The ND-4 filter is perfect when you need full aperture or long exposure but don’t want to be flooded with excess light. Reducing the amount of light passing through the camera lens, the filter decreases the exposure by 2 EV steps while maintaining color balance. Now you can maintain full aperture without changing the depth of field.

Proper Exposure under Strong Light

Capturing professional pictures is now easily achieved with Samsung ND-4 Filter. It ultimately provides greater control over the light entering through the lens, reducing it consistently by up 25%. This helps reduce problems such as over-exposure, which is a common problem when using slower shutter speeds and bright aperture settings. For this reason the ND-4 Filter is extremely useful when taking pictures in sunny conditions and trying to capture that sense of motion.

Fabulous Landscape Photos

For smoothing water movement in waterfalls or the reeds movement by the wind, using ND-4 filter to get fantastic vivid landscape photos with long exposure.

Lens Protection

The filter, designed to withstand contaminants and strong external impacts, protects the new high-tech materials used for the lens and frame. The lens surface remains free of fine dust, finger prints, animal and vegetable oil and the other pollutants. And the filter itself is robust and can stand up to external impacts and scratches.

Lens Compatibility

The 52 mm ND-4 filter is compatible with NX 50 - 200 mm, 60 mm tele zoom/macro lenses and etc. (for Ф 52 mm Lens)