Need rapid portable charging for your Samsung NX series camera? Our versatile QBC1NX01 charger is easy to carry, safe to use anywhere, any time, and has the energy efficiency you need for a fast charge. Simply connect, charge, and then slip it into your camera bag. It will be ready to give you extra precious time when you’re out and about.

Rapid Charging

Using ED-QBC1NX01’s Quick Charge mode, you can achieve 50% charge in only 35 minutes, and 100% in just 70 minutes. So, when you’re short of time and need power in a hurry, you’ll be up and running much faster than with any general battery charger.

Safe and efficient use of energy

Protect your equipment by using genuine Samsung charging products. Keep peace of mind by using products that have undergone the strictest quality control during development and assembly.

Any Place, Any Time

For additional power, remove the cable and slip the charger into your bag. You can then go anywhere and do anything, confident that you’ve got the extra power on hand, whenever and wherever you need it.

Compatible with NX Series Battery

ED-QBC1NX01 is compatible with the batteries for NX camera series, ED-BP1030 and ED-BP1310.