The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000

More Detail in Every Moment. The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 helps enthusiasts feel like pros by making it easier to shoot and share captivating stories

* Actual product may differ than product image shown.

More than just taking pictures, with the Samsung NX2000, you’re telling stories. An ultra-sensitive 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor allows you to create images full of detail and colours that fire up the imagination. And the spacious 3.7" (93.8 mm) WVGA touch screen gives you plenty of room to hone your craftsmanship, making it ideal for photography enthusiasts like you. And since your photos should be as easy to back up as they are to create, AutoShare simultaneously sends every photo you snap to your smartphone. You’ll now have an extra copy of your photos that you can effortlessly share with friends and family.

Reality never looked so real

20.3 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
You may not be a professional photographer, but with the 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor you can easily shoot like one. The sensor offers the highest resolution in its class to help you capture high-quality images with life-like colors.* With its large size you can brilliantly separate your subject from the background – blurring out your subjects surroundings making them really stand out – like professional photographers do.

* The highest resolution among entry-level interchangeable lens compact system cameras (CSC) as of May 2013.

A large display that's more than a touch stunning

3.7" (93.8 mm) WVGA Full Touch Screen
The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 boasts the largest screen in its class, with a stunning 3.7" (93.8 mm) WVGA display that serves up plenty of space for reviewing and editing your masterpieces.* You get full touch-screen action, with no physical menu buttons taking up valuable real estate. The convenient Pinch Zoom lets you pinch in and out of the AutoFocus box or zoom in and out on pictures in playback mode. The display offers up the full spectrum of colors, so what you see on the screen matches what you shoot.

* The largest touch screen available in the interchangeable lens compact system camera (CSC) category as of May 2013.

Save photos to your camera
and smartphone as you shoot

Send every picture you take to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi connection in a snap - to make backing up and sharing your high-quality photos super easy. Set up AutoShare once and the camera saves it as the default setting. AutoShare also GPS tags your photos with your Smart Phone.

  • Faster and more convenient with
    the embedded wi-fi hot key functionality

    Assign your DIRECT LINK button according to your needs and purpose with the embedded DIRECT LINK Wi-Fi hot key functionality to immediately launch into your most favored activity – AutoShare, MobileLink, Remote Viewfinder, SNS " Cloud, Auto Backup, Email, and More!

The simple and instant way to share

The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 takes photography to a whole new level by making it faster and easier to connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet with NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC automatically secures a Wi-Fi connection for you, so you can share what you capture. Place the device near the camera to find and easily activate the Samsung SMART CAMERA App.

* If the app is not installed on your devices, you will be directed to the App Store where you can install the app.

The easiest way to shoot like a pro

Smart mode
The pictures you take will tell stories that rival those created by the pros. Smart Mode setting such as Waterfall and Light Trace enable you to photograph the beauty of cascading water or flowing light trails. Use Action Freeze to capture the fast-paced actions around you, or merge various exposures with Rich Tone to create evocative images. Let Creative Shot enhance the emotion of any scene or moment you capture.

Add pop to your movies and stills

3D Still & Moive Recording
Make vacation stills and videos pop off the screen with True 3D Creator. The interchangeable-lens system of the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 lets you shoot stills and movies in 3D via Samsung 45 mm 2D / 3D lens. When you’re done shooting, let your friends back home feel as if they were there with you, by showing off your stunningly vivid adventures on a compatible 3D HDTV.

Discover the true beauty of Full HD video

1080 30P Full HD Movie Recording
The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 may not look like a camcorder, but it capably captures Full HD 1080 / 30P video. With uncompromising performance bolstered by an 18 - 200 mm lens and wide zoom capability, the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 delivers smooth, professional-looking videos that play well on your HDTV. When you’re ready for showtime, an HDMI interface lets you transmit your vision straight to the big screen.

Capture the moments within a moment

8 fps continous shooting
When you’re shooting fast-moving action, effortlessly capture the entire sequence with a series of brilliantly clear stills. The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 lets you shoot continuously at an ultra-fast rate of 8 frames per second to ensure you get the shot you want. The advanced autofocus system brings crystal clarity to fast-moving subjects, and a short shutter release lag helps you capture the fleeting moment before the subject moves out of frame.

Clearer low-light shots with a wider ISO

ISO 100 - 25600
Even in the dark, you can capture a natural-looking portrait with amazing color retention and detail. The upgraded Wide Range ISO of the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 lets you shoot up to ISO 25600, making it more sensitive to light than the previous model, which produces much clearer images. Shoot in the dark-indoors and out-and enjoy photos with minimal noise and blurring.

DRIMe IV New image engine

Whether you’re shooting 2D or 3D, the DRIMe IV image processor accurately captures all the special moments in amazing quality. Faster than the previous DRIMe imaging engines in its lineup, its improved color reproduction and noise reduction performance ensures you’ll treasure your memories with enhanced Full HD movie quality.

1/4000 sec shutter speed

You have a split second to take the shot your family will be talking about for generations. With a shutter speed of 1/4000 s-and fast autofocus system-the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 lets you capture a cyclist whipping by or a skateboarder in midair, without a hint of motion blur.


The i-Function system makes it easy to adjust key camera settings through a single button and the value ring located on the lens, instead of the body. Designed for the novice and expert alike, i-Function lets you quickly choose the settings that best fit the moment-and your expertise.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 is the perfect match with the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000 to bring out all the details for crisp professional looking photos. Organize photos by the location they were taken with GPS tagging. View and make adjustments to video clips, turn them into still images, or trim and edit according to your needs.