The 10 mm fisheye lens lets you capture unique and fun images, as well as exhilarating scenery wider than the eye can see. Shoot inspiring sunsets and night shots, and create special memories of magical moments. Because this 10 mm fisheye lens is so amazingly compact and light, you’ll always have the power of ultra-wide-angle photography at your fingertips.

Create shots that are wide, wild and outrageously styled

With its versatile 10 mm focal length, 180-degree wide view angle, the 10 mm fisheye lens changes how you see things. Don’t just shoot people, landscapes and crowd scenes; re-create moments that last a lifetime. Bring photos alive with unique distortion and funny wide-angle effects-and experience all the excitement wherever you go.

Shoot anywhere with the pocket-sized fisheye lens

Light Weight and Compact Size
Let your imagination run free. The super light and compact 10 mm fisheye lens goes where the others can’t. Enjoy the power of a far bigger lens in a package that’s just a hair over 26 mm deep. It’s got all the performance you want, with a lot less weight to lug around.