From the architectural jewels of a city to the majestic wonders of nature, the Samsung 12–24mm ultra-wide zoom lens can fit all of a desired scene into the shot. Now you can snap pictures of a large wedding party without having to ask everyone to huddle close together. Highly universal, the lens is equally adept at dramatic close-ups and panoramic landscapes. And with a length of just 63.5mm the lens is ultra-compact, so you can easily take it with you wherever you travel.

Capture the width of your imagination

Whether you’re relaxing with friends on the deck of a yacht or standing before a cathedral’s towering facade, capture images that will still resonate years later. Even if there’s no room for stepping back, the ultra-wide angle lens ensures every person — and every spire — is in the frame. By giving you maximum control over your perspective, the lens helps make landscapes, interiors and even self-portraits more dramatic and expressive.

Portable yet powerful

More compact than other wide-angle lenses for superior portability, the 12–24mm zoom lens helps you take professional-quality pictures wherever you travel. Adding to the convenience is the i-Function feature, which gives you one-touch access to your camera’s manual settings. Quickly and intuitively adjust settings such as shutter speed and aperture while previewing the changes in real time for the perfect shot every time.

Low chromatic aberration for high-quality images

The 12–24mm lens features extra-low dispersion glass, which reduces the chromatic aberration that occurs when different wavelengths of light pass through the lens at different points. That means you’ll see none of the color “fringing” around the edges that can discolor wide-angle shots. Using this special lens, the Samsung NX is able to combat the effects of chromatic aberration to produce a high-quality image in all directions.

Precisely designed to capture your vision

Spherical lenses create image distortion by causing light rays passing through the center and edge to have different focal points. Samsung’s advanced optical processing techniques correct this spherical aberration by expertly manipulating the curvature of the lens to add aspherical elements. Aspheric lenses are quite complex and require a high degree of precision to produce, but the end result — sharper images — is worth the effort.