NZ36K7880UG Induction with Virtual Flame Technology™, 10.8 kW


NZ36K7880UG Induction with Virtual Flame Technology™, 10.8 kW 0 5 0 reviews
  • Easy, intuitive control
  • Precise power & easy cleaning
  • Flexibly cook multiple dishes together

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NZ36K7880UG Induction with Virtual Flame Technology™, 10.8 kW


Easy and intuitive control
With Virtual Flame Technology ™ you can enjoy the intuitive visual control of flames. LED lighting in front of the burners glows like a real gas flame to clearly show if they're on or off, giving added peace of mind.
Easy and intuitive control
Precise Power Control & Easier Cleaning
Choose between a removable magnetic analog knob and digital touch controls. And because it can be completely detached it also makes it easier to clean the entire surface of the cooktop.
Precise Power Control & Easier Cleaning
Merge Elements
Use your oversized pots and pans to cook without worrying about evenly distributed heat.The FlexCook Zone is a large, open area that offers greater flexibility for cooking multiple dishes, by bridging two left elements to create one large element. It can accommodate different sizes of cookware to cook everything evenly and efficiently without “dead zones”.
Merge Elements
Remote & convenient cooktop monitoring
Wi-Fi Connectivity maximizes safety and offers peace of mind by letting you remotely monitor the cooktop at any time using a smartphone App*, while setting the cooking timer and receiving alerts when it finishes.
One-touch control of both cooktop & hood
Automatically syncs the fan and the lights with the burners through Bluetooth. Auto Connectivity* aligns the hood and cooktop’s status so you can control the hood using the one-touch control of the cooktop, instantly turning them both ‘On’ or ‘Off’, for the ultimate in cooking convenience.
One-touch control of both cooktop & hood
Intensive power, extra flexibility
A high power 4800 W 7/11” Dual Burner combines intense heat and precise control for maximum cooking efficiency and flexibility. A Power Boost function can reduce cooking times even more with an extra boost of heat. Or change from a powerful high heat to a true simmer quickly for intense and even cooking.
Intensive power, extra flexibility
Simmer & melt food without burning
The Simmer/Melt function ensures that the cooking temperature stays low. With more precise control it provides the optimum conditions for gently simmering or melting food, like chocolate or butter, without burning.
Simmer & melt food without burning

Safety Lock

The safety lock functions allows for the control panel to be completely locked with just the touch of a button.
Safety Lock

Automatically safer to prevent accidents

A Safety Shutoff provides complete peace of mind. It automatically turns off any cooking zones if things have been left cooking on them for a long time or there’s no change in the operation after a certain period.
Automatically safer to prevent accidents

Safe and efficient residual heat use

A 2 Stage Residual Heat Indicator lets you safely and efficiently use any residual heat for cooking. It clearly shows an 'h' if a cooking zone is hot or an 'H' if it is very hot, but turns off when safe to touch.
Safe and efficient residual heat use

tech specs


  • Model Type Install

    36 inch Built-in Induction Cooktop

  • Cooktop Frame

    Black Stainless Frame

  • Control Method

    Touch + Magnetic Knob

  • Display Type

    LED (Ice Blue)


  • Total Power (kW)

    10.8 kW

  • Flex Zone Graphic Size

    204 x 384.2 mm

  • Element - Left Front

    Flex Zone 1800 W / 2600 W (B)

  • Element - Left Rear

    Flex Zone 1800 W / 2600 W (B)

  • Element - Right Front

    8" 2200 W / 3200 W (B), Virtual Flame™

  • Element - Right Rear

    6" 1400 W / 1800 W (B), Virtual Flame™

  • Element - Center

    7" / 11" 3600 W / 4800 W (B), Virtual Flame™

  • Qty of Power Boost


  • Power Level

    1 ~ 15, Boost

  • Power Supply

    240 V / 60 Hz (10.8 kW), 208 V / 60 Hz (9.5 kW)



  • Child Safety Lock


  • Surface

    Black Glass

  • Simmer/Melt


  • Kitchen Timer


  • Pause


  • Residual Heat Indicator


  • Safety Shutoff


  • High Temp. Limit


  • Small Utensil Detection


  • Auto Pan Detection


  • Sound on/off


  • Virtual Flame On/Off


  • Power On/Off



  • Number of Burner

    5 EA


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity


  • Auto Connectivity (with Hood)



  • Package (WxHxD)

    1020 x 230 x 636 mm

  • Cutout (WxHxD)

    W 860 x D 485.6 mm

  • Net (WxHxD)

    914.4 x 108.2 x 540 mm

  • Weight (Gross)

    30.9 kg

  • Weight (Net)

    27.2 kg

  • Loading Quantity (20/40ft)

    200 / 410