NX58K9500WG Gas Range with 18K Dual Power Burner, 5.8 cu.ft


NX58K9500WG Gas Range with 18K Dual Power Burner, 5.8 cu.ft 0 5 0 reviews
  • 18K Dual Power Burner
  • 5.8 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Guiding Light Controls

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NX58K9500WG Gas Range with 18K Dual Power Burner, 5.8 cu.ft


Powerful heat with precise control
An 18K Dual Power Burner provides powerful heat and precise control – quickly going from a high heat to a true simmer for intense and even cooking. Or turn it right up to boil water in a flash and cook food faster.
Powerful heat with precise control
Cooks much more & much larger dishes
Has a massive 5.8 cu. ft. capacity oven – the largest on the market. So you can cook multiple dishes at once, especially as it also has three oven racks, or accommodate large items, like a holiday turkey.
Cooks much more & much larger dishes
Intuitive step-by-step cooking guide
The Guiding Light Controls act as your culinary assistant. You can control the temperature and time, program recipes, select cooking functions and set cleaning options easily with an intuitive step-by-step display.
Intuitive step-by-step cooking guide
Fast, thorough cooking
A True Convection system cooks food faster and more evenly, so it’s great for baking and broiling. A heated fan distributes heat all around the oven, so dishes are cooked thoroughly and you enjoy tastier results.
Fast, thorough cooking
More ways to cook grilled food
A Reversible Griddle means you can enjoy healthy grilling, searing, sautéing and stir-frying. And because it’s reversible you can cook using a smooth or ridged surface, and won’t waste space on storing two griddles.
More ways to cook grilled food
No more lifting – simply slide!
An Endless Rail Grate lets you move cookware easily and safely. Even heavy pans will slide along its seamless rails and indicator marks show they’re properly centered. It can also be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.
No more lifting – simply slide!
Safely stir-fry with more stability
A specially designed Wok Grate lets you cook using a wok more efficiently and safely. Its circular design fits snugly around the burner, so your wok or pan is kept stable and heat is quickly and evenly distributed.
Safely stir-fry with more stability

Perfectly powerful and flexible cooking

A five burner cooktop lets you cook multiple dishes using different sized pans. A 19K Dual Power Burner can go from a rapid boil to a simmer and a large oval burner is perfect for oversized pots or “bridge” cooking.
Perfectly powerful and flexible cooking

Keep cooked food perfectly warm & ready

A Warming Drawer keeps dishes perfectly warm until you’re ready to serve. And by helping you to manage the balancing act of preparing and serving multiple dishes, you’re free to focus on the rest of the meal.
Keep cooked food perfectly warm & ready

Perfectly cooked meat every time

The Perfect Cooking Probe keeps tabs on internal food temperature, indicating when meat is properly done and safe to eat, and eliminating the need to repeatedly open the oven and poke meat in the middle of cooking.
Perfectly cooked meat every time

tech specs


  • Oven Capacity



  • Interior Light (Position)

    1 Incandescent 40 W (Back)

  • Clock


  • Light (Lamp) On/Off


  • Child Safety Lock


  • Sound on/off


  • Setting (Clock System Option (12H/24H))


  • Keep Warm


  • Kitchen Timer


  • Hidden Bake Element



General Feature

  • Bake (Single)

    175 °F ~ 550 °F

  • Variable Broil (Low-High) (Single)

    Hi 587 °F / Low 446 °F

  • Convection

    True convection


  • Door Type

    Clean View Door

  • Oven Color

    Black Stainless steel

  • Display Type

    VFD display


  • Type

    Warming Drawer


  • Number of Burner

    5 EA

  • Burner Cap


  • Center Oval


  • Sealed Burner


  • Type


  • Burner 1

    18K, Dual

  • Burner 2


  • Burner 3


  • Burner 4


  • Burner 5

    9.5K, Giant Oval


  • Net (WxHxD)

    759 / 979 / 670 mm

  • Weight (Gross)

    102 kg

  • Gross (WxHxD)

    839 / 1060 / 769 mm

  • Loading Quantity (20/40ft)

    42 / 84

  • Weight (Net)

    91.6 kg


  • Griddle


  • Number of Oven Racks


  • Anti-Tip Device


  • Number of Rack Positions


  • Wire Rack


  • Half Rack


  • Additional Accessories

    Wok support


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