With six noise reducing layers and an advanced motor sound insulation system, Samsung’s DMT400 dishwasher keeps things quiet while cleaning your dishes to a sparkle. Special options include its unique Digital Leak Sensor designed to detect even the smallest leaks, 3 water spray arms located on the top, middle and bottom, plus an energy efficient stainless steel tub deliver the most advanced yet quiet washing cycle possible. It eliminates the need for pre-rinsing to save you time, while its double filtration system prevents residue build-up in the bottom of the dishwasher. A Twin Fan-Driven Condensation Drying system delivers optimal drying performance by efficiently using heat from water inside the tub. The DMT400 dishwasher from Samsung is ENERGY STAR® qualified to ensure a higher level of cost-saving efficiency.

Quiet technology

New design features add dishwashing power without interrupting your peace and quiet. The 6-Layer Door Insulation system actively suppresses noise, and the motor is logically set in the bottom concealed within our Advanced Motor Sound Insulation system. Every feature inside, such as food disposer, water pumps, flow meters and spray arms, are carefully integrated to provide you with the most advanced yet quiet cleaning operation.

Digital Leakage Sensor

Hard-to-find leaks can cause extensive damage to your kitchen floor. Samsung Dishwashers are equipped with a unique Digital Leakage Sensor designed to detect even the smallest traces of water. Located below the dishwasher, the sensor immediately shuts off the electrical connection after detecting a leak, saving you from the expensive inconvenience of a water-related emergency.

4 Active Cycles Plus One Options

Powerful cleaning settings including Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Smart Auto, plus Sanitize option.

Dishwasher - Digital Leak Sensor

Hidden Heating Element

The Hidden Heating Element provides better performance and safety. It protects plastic from melting and prevents any possible injuries which may be caused by residual heat from the heating element.


The DMT400 dishwasher from Samsung is ENERGY STAR® qualified to ensure a higher level of cost-saving efficiency.

Smart Auto Cycle

Samsung's Smart Auto Wash cycle makes sure dishes are cleaned with minimal water and energy usage. The turbidity sensor senses food particles in the water and knows to stop when the rinse water is clean.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.