R3 Dish Washer with Noise Prevention Design


R3 Dish Washer with Noise Prevention Design A powerful 6-wash cycle and forward-thinking options set new standards for quiet performance and excellence. With six noise reducing layers and an advanced motor sound insulation system, Samsung’s DMT610 dishwasher keeps the peace and quiet while cleaning your dishes to a sparkle. Performance features include its unique Digital Leak Sensor designed to detect even the smallest leaks, 3 spray arms located on the top, middle and bottom, plus an energy efficient stainless steel tub, all meticulously engineered to deliver the most advanced yet quiet washing cycle possible. Eliminating the need for pre-rinsing saves you time, and a hard food disposer efficiently removes difficult food particles. To deliver optimal drying performance, a Twin Fan-Driven Condensation Drying system uses heat from the water inside the tub for quick, efficient drying. The DMT610 dishwasher from Samsung is ENERGY STAR® qualified to ensure a higher level of cost-saving efficiency and performance. 0 5 0 reviews

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R3 Dish Washer with Noise Prevention Design



  • Featuring a powerful 6-wash cycle and forward-thinking quiet performance options

One Touch Adjustable Racks

One Touch Adjustable Racks
The simple thumb-touch advanced flexible rack system allows for precise custom dishwasher loading for dish size up-to 14” and shape requirements. Also includes two silverware baskets.

Fold-down flexibility.

Fold-down flexibility.
You don’t cook the same meals every day, so you don’t use the same dishes everyday either. Samsung’s new blue cap 3-level tine holder lets you fold tines at an angle ideally suited to each dish. With tines that stretch 40mm longer than typical tines and convenient tine caps, adjusting them to your daily needs is a breeze.

Get a grip on ease and excellence.

Get a grip on ease and excellence.
This dishwasher’s new basket handle delivers big on both looks and convenience. Boasting Samsung’s trademark navy blue, the handle colourfully accents the machine’s premium package and superlative performance. And, with its comfortable grip, the basket handle makes the dishwasher as easy on the hands as it is on the eyes.

Hidden Heating Element

Hidden Heating Element
The hidden heating element provides better performance and safety. It protects plastic from melting and prevents any possible injuries which may be caused by residual heat from the heating element.
Quiet technology

Quiet technology

New design features add dishwashing power without interrupting your peace and quiet. The 6-Layer Door Insulation system actively suppresses noise, and the motor is logically set in the bottom concealed within our Advanced Motor Sound Insulation system. Every feature inside, such as hard food disposer, water pumps, flow meters and spray arms, are carefully integrated to provide you with the most advanced yet quiet dishwashing operation.
Digital Leakage Sensor

Digital Leakage Sensor

Hard-to-find leaks can cause extensive damage to your kitchen floor. Samsung Dishwashers are equipped with a unique Digital Leakage Sensor designed to detect even the smallest traces of water. Located below the dishwasher, the sensor immediately shuts off the electrical connection after detecting a leak, saving you from the expensive inconvenience of a water-related emergency.
Smart Auto Cycle

Smart Auto Cycle

Samsung's Smart Auto Wash cycle make sure dishes are cleaned with minimizes water and energy usage. The turbidity sensor senses food particles in the water and knows to stop when the rinse water is clean.


The DMT610 dishwasher from Samsung is ENERGY STAR® qualified to ensure a higher level of cost-saving efficiency and performance
6 Active Cycles Plus Two Options

6 Active Cycles Plus Two Options

Powerful cleaning settings including Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Smart Auto, Quick Plus, Pots & Pans plus Delay Start and Sanitize options.

tech specs

Dimension of DMT610RHS/XAC

General Feature

  • Place Settings


  • Tub Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Drying System

    Twin Fan condensing Drying System

  • Heater Position

    Hidden (Tub bottom)

  • Cancel & Drain Button

    Yes(two button)

  • Sound Level(Lw) Acoustic Power (dBA)

    51 dBA

  • NSF Certified for Sanitization


  • Leakage Sensor


  • Number of Wash Arm

    3 (Upper, Middle, Lower)

  • Food Disposer


  • Water Filtration System (Soft Water)



  • Delay Start

    Yes(3, 6, 9Hrs)

  • Number of Options


  • Sanitize


  • Half Load Wash


  • Child Lock

    Yes(one button)


Physical Specifications

  • Weight
    Product Capacity

    106 lbs (47.9Kg)

    Shipping Weight

    121 lbs (55Kg)

  • Dimensions
    Product (WxHxD)

    23-7/8" x 34" x 24-6/8"


  • Color/Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Control Panel Type


  • Control Type



  • Wash Performance


  • Dry Performance


  • Energy Performance



  • Normal


  • Number of Wash Cycles


  • Heavy

    Yes (Heavy, Pot&Pans)

  • Delicate-China


  • Rinse Only


  • Quick Wash


  • Smart Auto Wash



  • Rack Coated

    Nylon 12

  • Ball Tipped Tines


  • Upper Rack
    Adjustable Height

    Upper Rack – Yes (2-step and up to 2”)

    Number of Fold-Down Tine


    Cup Clip


  • Lower Rack

    Lower Rack - # of Fold-Down Tine: 0, # of Removable Tine: 1, Silverware Basket: Yes (2)


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