With six noise reducing layers and an advanced motor sound insulation system, Samsung's DMT800R dishwasher makes it possible for you to enjoy some peace and quiet while you’re cleaning your dishes. Engineered with Samsung’s special Storm Wash™, it power washes your toughest pots and pans, with its titled rack system and ample height. It also features a Digital Leak Sensor designed to detect even the smallest leaks, 3 water spray arms located on the top, middle and bottom, and energy efficient stainless steel tub, all meticulously engineered to deliver the quietest, most advanced washing cycle possible. Plus for a better drying performance, a Fan-Driven Condensation Drying system uses heat from the water inside the tub for quicker and efficient drying. Get cleaner dishes with the ENERGY STAR® qualified DMT800A dishwasher from Samsung.

Power-washes your biggest, dirtiest dishes

Nothing puts a damper on a great meal like having to soak and scrub the pots because they don’t fit in the dishwasher or because your dishwasher isn’t powerful enough to get them clean. Samsung dishwashers are engineered with a special Storm Wash™ with enough space and strength to handle the messiest pots. With a powerful built-in nozzle, a tilted racking system and ample height, your pots don’t stand a chance. So go for the jambalaya tonight, Samsung’s doing the pots and pans!.

The dishwasher that gives peace – and quiet – a chance.

The kitchen is one of the noisiest rooms in the home. But it doesn’t have to be. Samsung turns the kitchen’s chief noisemaker into a gentle peacemaker. That’s because every component of a Samsung dishwasher – water pumps, flow meters, spray arms – is meticulously engineered to deliver the quietest, most advanced washing cycle possible. Thanks to this unique noise prevention design, you won’t have to talk over your dishwasher or turn your TV volume up ever again.

Senses danger before it becomes damage.

Hard-to-find leaks can cause extensive damage to your kitchen floor. Samsung Dishwashers are equipped with a unique Digital Leakage Sensor designed to detect even the smallest traces of water. Located below the dishwasher, the sensor immediately shuts off the electrical connection after detecting a leak saving you from the expensive aftermath of a water-related emergency

Our perfect storm gets your dishes perfectly clean.

Samsung’s exclusive twister nozzle system gets every dish extra clean. A unique and dramatic upgrade from the traditional straight-line nozzle system, the twister’s powerful rotating effect whips water onto and into more of each dish maximizing our dishwasher’s cleaning performance.

Flexible Rack System

You don’t cook the same meals every day, so you don’t use the same dishes everyday either. Samsung’s new blue cap 3-level tine holder lets you fold tines at an angle ideally suited to each dish. With tines that stretch 40mm longer than typical tines and convenient tine caps, adjusting them to your daily needs is a breeze.

Dishwasher - Flexible Rack System

Glass Support

Make sure your stemware gets first class treatment. The high-quality, metal glass holder is designed to keep your flutes, goblets and wineglasses in one piece. Made with wire metal, plastic and silicone, it’s sturdy enough to secure it all. Need the space for something else? It fully folds up to give you more room when it’s not being used.

Half Load Wash

For the ultimate convenience, set your Samsung dishwasher to the half-load wash option, to wash only the upper rack, saving you time and energy.

Dishwasher - Half Load Wash

Gets flexible when your dishes are sizeable

A quick and simple height adjustment makes washing even your largest dishes easy. Whether its washing tall, delicate items like stemware or fitting a set of those new 14” plates beneath the top rack, this dishwasher accommodates all sizes with a tilted upper rack that can be adjusted up and down by two inches.

Basket Handle

This dishwasher’s new basket handle delivers big on both looks and convenience. Boasting Samsung’s trademark navy blue, the handle colourfully accents the machine’s premium package and superlative performance. And, with its comfortable grip, the basket handle makes the dishwasher as easy on the hands as it is on the eyes.

Dishwasher - Digital Leak Sensor

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