R01 R0101 ca 07050100 DW7933LRABB/AC
  • DW7933LRABB 1 Front BlackDW7933LRABBPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ca_DW7933LRABB-AC_004_Front?$L1-Gallery$ca_DW7933LRABB-AC_004_Front20003000370370#00000011021869
  • DW7933LRABB 2 Right Angle BlackDW7933LRABBPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ca_DW7933LRABB-AC_005_Right-Angle?$L1-Gallery$ca_DW7933LRABB-AC_005_Right-Angle20003000370370#00000011021877
  • DW7933LRABB 3 Front Open BlackDW7933LRABBPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ca_DW7933LRABB-AC_006_Front-Open?$L1-Gallery$ca_DW7933LRABB-AC_006_Front-Open20003000370370#00000011021889
DW7933LRABB Front Black

The Samsung DW7933 dishwasher uses less power and offers more loading flexibility to help you save money, water and time

Energy efficiency and versatility — in one package


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Product Features

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  • Black Exterior
  • Front Control panel
  • Tact Button Control


  • Energy Consumption: 279 KWh/year
  • Energy Star 2012 Certified

General Feature

  • 14 Place Settings
  • Tub Material: Stainless Steel
  • Air Vent Drying System
  • Hidden Heater (Tub bottom)
  • 50 dBA Acustic Power
  • NSF Certified for Sanitization
  • Leakage Sensor available
  • 3 Wash Arms (Upper, Middle, Lower)
  • Food Disposer
  • Cancel & Drain Button: Yes (two buttons)


  • Number of Wash Cycle: 4
Control Panel Type
Control Type
General Feature
Place Settings
Tub Material
Drying System
Heater Position
Sound Level(Lw) Acoustic Power (dBA)
NSF Certified for Sanitization
Leakage Sensor
Number of Wash Arm
Food Disposer
Cancel & Drain Button
Energy Performance
Energy Star®
Number of Wash Cycles

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