High performance meets exceptional energy efficiency

Presenting the dishwasher for your energy efficient kitchen. Using only four gallons per cycle and 279 kWh a year, the Samsung DW7933 more than meets the DOE standards, the CEE Tier 1 specifications - and your own requirements - for energy savings. Even the beautiful stainless steel interior helps reduce power consumption by retaining heat and speeding up the drying process. Enjoy your clean dishes more knowing that your electric bills will be lower each month.

So quiet, you won’t realize you’re in the kitchen

Whether party guests are mingling in the kitchen, or you’re watching TV in the next room, you can run the dishwasher without adding background noise. The quietest dishwasher in its class, the DW7933 comes with six layers of insulation to ensure low noise levels. Even components such as the food disposer, water pumps and spray arms are specifically designed to be more silent than those found in conventional models. Don’t be surprised if you forget that the dishwasher is running!

A smarter way to wash dishes

Smart Auto Program saves energy and water by washing dishes in a shorter amount of time. The turbidity sensor inside the dishwasher can discern food particles in the water. When the sensor detects that the rinse water is clean, the rinse cycle will automatically stop - saving resources over the full, pre-set time of the normal cycle.

Dishwasher - Digital Leak Sensor

Stop water damage before it starts

Leaks can ruin kitchen floors, drip into the apartment below, and do damage to your water bills. Fortunately, the Digital Leakage Sensor keeps an eye out for plumbing glitches before they become big issues. Located below the dishwasher, the Digital Leakage Sensor can flag leaks smaller than conventional models’ features can detect, and stop the wash cycle if there’s a problem.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.