Give your products and environment an extra appeal with Samsung's MR16 LED lamps. Ideal for spot lighting in industries such as retail and hospitality, these lamps will catch customer attention.

Create good impressions with light, new possibilities with light

The brilliance of natural light uplifts us like breathing clean, fresh air. Samsung’s LED lighting brings that same comfort into your home and workplace. Closer to natural sunlight than any other lighting, LED lighting is also highly efficient, converting 95% of total energy into light. With no harmful mercury, it emits no carbon. Since it has a much longer lifetime, it rarely needs to be replaced, producing less waste. More than just ‘good light’ for you, Samsung LED lighting is good for the environment.

Providing you with new choices

LED lighting produces a rich, natural light using only 20% of the energy of conventional lighting, saving you 80% compared to incandescent lamps. Imagine the possibilities with the savings you pocket.

Enjoy light longer with lifetimes of tens of thousands of hours

With 25000+ hour lifetimes, Samsung LED lighting stays with you longer and reduces the need for maintenance and replacement. Their durability and reliability is thanks to their advanced semiconductor design that emits bright, natural light for what seems forever compared to traditional lighting.

Fall in love with the environment

Clean, natural light from LEDs contains no toxic mercury, and so emits no carbon. And since the high energy-efficiency of LED lighting saves money and precious resources, it is a brilliant way for you to show your love for the environment.

Display lighting

The pure, natural quality of LED lighting makes any product display more pleasant and attractive for customers. Samsung’s exclusive heat protection technology minimizes heat damage. For products where color is important, the sun-like clarity of LED lighting makes consumer decisions simpler and easier.

Easy Replacement

Samsung LED lamps use the same bases as existing bulbs and lighting fixtures, making them a simple transition to a healthier and energy-efficient lighting source.