Microwave Oven OTR_F707

Microwave Oven OTR_F707 Flagship

Convenience in a Stylish Package
The stylish F707 over-the-range features a wide monitor-look door with integrated control panel at eye level for
easier access to settings, loading and unloading. A Simple Clean filter keeps your kitchen fresh,
while powerfully quiet ventilation eliminates odors.
Simple Clean Filter LED Cooktop Light Glass Touch Control Pad LCD Display Ceramic Enamel Interior
Simple Clean Filter Stays Fresh
The underside of the F707 over-the-range is equipped
with a Simple Clean Filter, easily washable with
mild soap and water. Located at eye level
so you can quickly determine when it needs cleaning,
the reusable filter pops in and out with the touch of a finger.
Shine Longer, Save More
Dual LED lighting on the Samsung F707 over-the-range offers evenly
distributed light for your cooktop. LED lights consume less energy and
last longer to help you save money on monthly energy bills and
long-term bulb replacement.
A Glass Door that Does More
The Samsung F707 over-the-range looks as good as it cooks.
A wide monitor-look door with an integrated
wide glass control panel is both functional and design-forward.
The control panel is situated at optimum eye level and
features a bright and clear LCD display with
finger touch controls borrowed from smart phone technology.
Keep It Clean with Ceramic
No more scrubbing or scratched surfaces.
With a ceramic interior, the Samsung F707 over-the-range offers a
smooth surface that is easy to clean and will not discolor over time
from oil or grease residue. Compared to stainless steel
and epoxy interiors, the F707's cavity is scratch-resistant,
providing long-term superior quality.
Easy to Clean Scratch Resistant Prevents Discoloration
Refresh in a Flash
The underside of the F707 over-the-range features a powerful
ventilation system that quickly and quietly eliminates steam,
fumes and odors from the kitchen. The near silent system
clears the air with 400 cubic feet per minute of turbo ventilation.
No Recipe Required
Auto cook menu options on the F707 over-the-range take the guesswork
out of cooking everything from poultry to pasta, popcorn to pie.
Unique sensor technology allows you to simply select the appropriate dish
and weight. The oven will take it from there, setting the correct
temperature and time to cook your meal to perfection.
Sized to Fit Any Meal
The Samsung F707 over-the-range features more interior space than most, giving you the freedom to fit any sized meal. Bigger is indeed better, because with 2.1 cubic feet of interior capacity you can accommodate anything your menu demands.
Save Money with ECO Mode
Even at rest, conventional over-the-ranges use power to maintain essential functions. The ECO Mode setting on the new Samsung F707 significantly reduces power usage, delivering savings on monthly energy bills.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.