ML1-MD4 1.9 cu.ft Over the Range Microwave (Stainless Steel)


ML1-MD4 1.9 cu.ft Over the Range Microwave (Stainless Steel) This latest over-the-range microwave oven from Samsung features a powerful 400 CFM ventilation capacity, ceramic enamel coating that is more durable and easy to clean, Simple Clean Filter™ that makes filter cleaning a breeze and Triple Distribution System that generates more even cooking results. 2 5 1 reviews

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ML1-MD4 1.9 cu.ft Over the Range Microwave (Stainless Steel)



  • Filter washable
  • Easy to use & Easy to check
  • It’s the strong, silent type
  • Big Space for Big Results

Filter washable

Filter washable
Samsung’s Simple Clean Filter™ can be cleaned easily with water and soap, thanks to its simple and convenient one-piece washable filter.

Easy to use & Easy to check

Easy to use & Easy to check
Samsung’s Simple Clean Filter™ can be ejected and loaded simply by the push of your finger. And its convenient eye-level location of the filter makes the overall filter condition management a simple, easy task.

It’s the strong, silent type

It’s the strong, silent type
A kitchen isn’t just for cooking; it’s also one of the most popular places in a home for friends and family to gather. That’s why Samsung’s powerful turbo ventilation system was designed to rapidly remove steam, fumes and odors without making a racket. As quiet as it is powerful, this near silent system lets you catch up with loved ones without having to take your conversation out of the kitchen.

Big Space for Big Results

Big Space for Big Results
When it comes to microwave cooking, we believe bigger is indeed better. That’s why we offer a whopping 1.9 cubic feet of interior spac. With all that room, you can create full meals that you never thought would fit in your microwave. But we didn’t stop there in our goal to achieve the most superior cooking results – we added a built-in turntable to ensure everything you make comes out perfect every time.

Auto Menu does the thinking for you

Auto Menu does the thinking for you
No time to flip through a cookbook? Can’t find that recipe? In too big of a hurry to get creative? Then let Samsung’s oven auto menu order up something tasty for you. Instead of guessing cooking times and temperatures, just select a menu and press the button to get your meal underway. When it comes out perfectly and impresses your family and friends, don’t worry, the Auto Menu won’t tell. It’ll be our little secret.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving
Eco Mode uses less than 80% power in standby mode. Use Eco Mode and help save the environment and power as well as money!

Electronic Touch Control

Easily program your desired cooking time and power level at just the touch of a button.

Ceramic enamel interior

The specially constructed interior surface is both durable and easy to clean, reducing the risk of stains, scratches and unwanted odours.

Auto Defrost

Auto defrost considers the weight of the food being cooked. Simply select the weight and the oven does the rest.

One Touch Sensor

Samsung's One Touch Sensor controls make it easy to cook all of your microwave favorites at the touch of a button. There’s no more need to program the serving size, weight and power levels. Samsung's Sensor technology makes microwave cooking fast and easy.

tech specs

Dimension of SMH1927S/XAC

General Information

  • Installation


  • Heat Source


  • Power
    Power Source

    120 V / 60 Hz

    Power Consumption (Microwave)

    1500 Watts (Microwave)

    Output Power (Max)

    900 Watts Output

  • Capacity

    1.9 cu.ft. capacity

  • Power Level

    10 Power Levels

  • Control Method

    Electronic Control Method

  • Door Opening Type


  • Display Type

    VFD Display Type

  • Microwave Distribution

    Turntable + Stirrer

  • Cavity Interior

    Ceramic Enamel Cavity Interior

  • Language Option


General Feature

  • Various Cooking Mode


  • Max Cooking Time

    99 min 99 sec.

  • More/Less


  • Cooking Stages


  • Weight/Serving Control


  • One Minute/30 Sec Plus

    30 sec+

  • Preheat


  • Option

    Auto Defrost / Sensor Reheat

  • Auto Cook


  • Auto Steam Cook


  • Turntable On/Off


  • Setting (My Choice)
    Clock System Option (12H/24H)


    Sound Option


    Child Lock


  • Reminder End Signal


  • Deodorizer


  • Sensor Cook




  • Rack


  • Steam Cleaning


  • Steam Cooker


  • Power Steam Bowl


  • Crispy Tray


  • Rotisserie


  • Cook Book


  • Others

    Simple Clean Filter

Physical Specifications

  • Weight
    Product Capacity

    51.8 lbs

    Shipping Weight

    61.3 lbs

  • Dimensions
    Cavity (WxHxD)

    20.81" x 10.81" x 14.56"

    Product (WxHxD)

    29.87" x 16.93" x 17.31"

    Product without Handle (WxHxD)

    29.87" x 16.93" x 15.75"

    Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD)

    33.37" x 19.43" x 20.18"



Installation Guide(Installation manual)



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