NX9000 5.8 cu.ft Gas Range (Stainless Steel)


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NX9000 5.8 cu.ft Gas Range (Stainless Steel)


Powerful, precise heat

Powerful, precise heat
The Samsung Gas Slide-in Range's 18 K Dual Power Burner provides powerful heat and precise control. It features two independent heating elements with power ranging from 18000 BTU to 700 BTU, so you can quickly go from a high heat to a true simmer for intense and even cooking. Or turn the burner up all the way to boil water in a flash and cook food faster.

Cooks much more

Cooks much more
The Samsung Gas Slide-in Range has a massive 5.8 cu. ft. capacity oven – the largest on the market. So, if you’re preparing a meal for a large family gathering or party, you can cook multiple dishes at once, like trays of cookies or various casserole dishes. Especially as it also has three oven racks – two wire and one gliding. And it can easily accommodate large items, like a big roast or holiday turkey.
Step-by-step cooking guide

Step-by-step cooking guide

The Samsung Gas Slide-in Range has a digital dashboard that acts as your culinary assistant. You can control temperature and time settings by program recipes, select cooking functions and set clean settings easily with an intuitive step-by-step display. It lights your way to a delicious meal by illuminating each step along the way and eliminating the need to reach for the user manual.
Twice the choice

Twice the choice

The Samsung Gas Slide-in Range has a Reversible Griddle, so you can enjoy all the benefits of healthy grilling, searing, sautéing and stir-frying on your cooktop. And because it’s reversible you can cook using either a smooth or ridged surface, and create all sorts of grilled meals that look and taste really great! And you don’t have to waste extra space on storing two griddles.
Safely stir-fry

Safely stir-fry

The Samsung Gas Slide-in Range has a specially designed Wok Grate that lets you cook using a wok more efficiently and safely. Its circular design fits snugly around the burner, so your wok or other large pans are kept stable and won’t accidentally tip over. It also ensures it’s always in exactly the right place, so that heat is quickly and evenly distributed, and you can enjoy delicious stir fried food.
Five Burner Cooktop

Five Burner Cooktop

A five burner cooktop ensures you can simultaneously cook multiple dishes using different-sized pans. A 18 K Dual Power Burner can go from a rapid boil to a true simmer and a large oval burner is perfect for oversized pots or “bridge” cooking.
Warming drawer

Warming drawer

A Warming Drawer keeps dishes perfectly
warm until you’re ready to serve. And by helping
you to manage the balancing act of preparing
and serving multiple dishes, you’re free to
focus on the rest of the meal.

Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe

The Perfect Cooking Probe keeps tabs on internal food temperature, indicating when meat is done and eliminating the need to repeatedly open your oven door and poke meat mid-cook. It takes the guesswork out of cooking meat and ensures food is safe to eat.

tech specs

Dimension of NX58H9500WS/AC


  • Interior Capacity

    5.8 cu.ft


  • Interior Lamp

    40 W (Bulb, Back)

  • Clock


  • Auto Programs


  • Cook Timer


  • Cleaning Method (Oven/Display)


  • Light (Lamp) On/Off


  • Child Lock


  • Surface


  • Sound on/off


  • Type of Controls

    Glass touch (Guiding Light UI)

  • Setting (Clock System Option (12H/24H))


  • Language Option


  • End Timer


  • Keep Warm


  • Kitchen Timer


  • Grate

    Continuous Grates

  • Numeric Pad



General Feature

  • Bake (Single)

    18 K BTU, 175 F ~ 550 F

  • Variable Broil (Low-High) (Single)

    16.5 K BTU, Hi / Low

  • Convection Bake (Single)

    175 F ~ 550 F, True, 800 W

  • Convection Roast (Single)

    175 F ~ 550 F, True, 800 W


  • Cavity Material

    Ceramic Enamel

  • Oven Type


  • Oven Door Glass


  • Model Type Install


  • Color(Door)


  • Oven Color


  • Display Type

    VFD, ICE Blue


  • Type


  • Warm. Drawer Temp. Settings


  • Warm. Drawer Handle



  • Number of Burner

    5 EA

  • Sealed Burner


  • Type

    NG / LP

  • Burner 1

    18 K, Dual

  • Burner 2

    15 K

  • Burner 3

    5 K

  • Burner 4

    9.5 K

  • Burner 5

    9.5 K (Giant Oval)


  • Outside (WxHxD)

    29 13/16" x 36 3/16" x 26 3/8"


  • Griddle


  • Number of Oven Racks


  • Anti-Tip Device


  • Number of Rack Positions


  • Wire Rack


  • Half Rack


  • Gliding Rack



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