The Samsung FTQ307 Induction Range offers extraordinary quality and value with an induction cook top, true convection oven, and warming drawer all for the price of a standard induction cook top. Induction cooking is almost indistinguishable from magic; it provides remarkably fast, precise control over the level of heat you can apply to your cookware and it does so without heating the induction surface. Remove a fully heated pot or pan from an induction surface and you'll find the cooktop is cool to the touch. Cook with the control of gas cooking, while you, your kitchen, and the cook top stay cooler thanks to Samsung Induction technology.

Come into the kitchen

Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur Massimo Capra demonstrates the many benefits of cooking with Induction technology using Samsung's Induction Range.

fast and efficient cooking

Samsung's Induction Range boils water faster than gas and twice as fast as a radiant electric cook top. Cook with the control of gas cooking, while you, your kitchen, and the cook top stay cooler thanks to Samsung Induction technology.

superior results with even cooking

Tired of waiting for food to cook only to get less than perfect results? Now you can experience faster, more even cooking. Samsung’s Surround Airvection 3-fan true convection cooking combines a true convection oven with a Multi-fan system to circulate heat evenly throughout the oven. The on and off-fan control also keeps the temperature perfect. And an upper wide grill, convection grill with triple fans, and a bottom hidden grill, all ensure exceptional results.

quick and easy cleaning

A cooler cook top means that food won't bake on to the range surface, making clean-up much quicker and easier than your average range.

the fastest way to a clean oven

Spend more time with your guests and less time cleaning up after dinner. With SteamQuick you’ll have a spotless oven in about 20 minutes with just the push of a button. Simply pour 10 ounces of tap water in the oven, close the door and press the Steam Clean button. After 20 minutes, wipe the oven clean and you’re done - without the bad smell and without having to wait for hours.

cool to the touch

Induction uses magnetism to heat cookware directly so the cook top stays cooler than gas or radiant electric cook tops. Only the cookware is heated, so the cook top, your kitchen, and you stay cooler.

easy & precise

SelectTouch™ allows easy and precise control of cooking power just like a gas range, and it’s as easy to use as your MP3 player.

incredible value

Samsung combines extraordinary performance with incredible value by providing a full Induction cook top, 5.9 cu.ft. three-fan true convection oven, and a warming drawer - all for the cost of a standard Induction cook top.

get a warm reception from your guests

Having a party and want to keep food and plates warm until guests arrive? The built-in warming drawer makes sure dinner never goes cold. With three convenient settings, you’ll keep food at the right temperature and preserve moistness and flavour. And the handy multi rack offers seven different, adjustable levels for platters and pans of all sizes. The FTQ307 makes it easy to throw a successful party, without any hassles.

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