The Samsung RF197 French Door refrigerator delivers top quality innovation and style, while being slimmer then conventional models, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Features like Twin Cooling™ keeps food fresher longer while Surround Air Flow keeps the refrigerator at the ideal temperature. Throwing a last minute get-together? You can fast chill or fast freeze your food whenever you need it. The RF197 refrigerator is also ENERGY STAR® qualified so you can rest assured that it’s energy efficient.

Twin Cooling®

The Samsung Twin Cooling System™ uses twin evaporators and fans to control the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartments, separately. Not only does this reduce energy consumption, the cooling air between the two compartments doesn’t mix, so odours don’t mix and moisture isn’t lost. Samsung knows that the key to keeping food fresh is to maintain its moisture content and with it’s unique Twin Cooling™ cooling air can be automatically adjusted to maintain optimum humidity levels in the fridge compartment of around 43%. With humidity maintained, foods stay fresher for longer.

Sleek and Counter Depth

Samsung's new RF197 French Door refrigerator boasts a large food storage capacity in a smaller external frame, designed to fit flush with a standard kitchen counter depth - giving homeowners that much-desired sleek and built-in look.

Power Freeze and Power Cool

Fast chill or fast freeze your food in a short period of time whenever you need to. This Samsung refrigerator adjusts the temperature while you are unloading groceries so no cold air is lost during that time. Ice cream melted on the way home? With just the press of a button, it can be returned to frosty perfection within minutes. This feature can also be used when the temperature inside the refrigerator or freezer compartment needs to be cooled due to repeated door openings.

Adjustable Door Bins

The RF197’s door bins can be moved and place to different location, making it convenient for food of various shapes and sizes to be organized.

EZ-Open Handle

The freezer just got easier with Samsung's new EZ-Open Handle. Simply lift and pull the handle to open without any extra force.


With our innovative Samsung Multi-Flow feature, cold air flows through multiple outlets at every shelf level. This provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator and quickly restores optimal temperature after the door has been opened. So with Multi Flow, the one thing that isn’t so time consuming, is keeping the fridge cool.

Innovative Pull-Out Drawer

The large slide-out drawer features a movable divider that separates various types of food for easy access and organization.

Surround Air flow

Surround Air Flow provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator to maintain optimal temperatures and keep food fresh.

Frost Free

The Samsung RF197 is frost free and does not build up any ice, so you do not have to worry about defrosting your refrigerator. Plus, the food stays in better, fresher condition and does not stick together.

Internal Digital Display Control

The refrigerator and freezer information and temperatures are easily controlled and viewed by an internal digital display.

ENERGY STAR® qualified

By being ENERGY STAR® qualified, you are assured that your Samsung model is helping the environment by using less energy while saving you money.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.