A Refrigerator with Better Space

Twin Cooling Plus®

Samsung refrigerators keep your food fresher for longer and reduce waste! Samsung’s cutting-edge technology sets new standards in precise temperature control, cooling the refrigerator and freezer compartments individually. As a result, food stays fresh with optimal humidity.

Fridge - Twin Cooling

External Ice & Water Dispenser

The sleek external ice & water dispenser is tall and versatile enough to accommodate tall containers and many different cup sizes. Also at the touch of your fingertips, it dispenses fresh filtered water, cubed/crushed ice to your liking.

High Efficiency LED Lighting

The space-saving, high-efficiency LED Lighting illuminates every corner of the refrigerator with brighter light.

Fridge - LED Lighting

Ice Master

The Ice Master is at least 1.8 inches narrower than previous Samsung ice makers, which opens up more shelf space for taller groceries such as bottled beverages. Yet you won’t be short on ice, because our compact ice maker yields up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs) of ice per day — much more than conventional models. So whether it’s a really hot day or you’re throwing a party, there will always be enough ice to go around.

Fridge - Ice Master

New Interior Design

- Big guard
- Pantry
- Crisper

Energy Efficiency

This refrigerator uses 30% less energy than the minimum federal standard required for refrigerators in its class, making it eligible for Tier 3 as rated by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).

EZ-Open Handle II

Samsung's new EZ-Open Handle II is designed to open drawers easily and conveniently.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.