The Handy-Stick vacuum cleaner offers the ultimate in flexible and lightweight vacuum cleaning, combining powerful suction power with a sleek and stylish design to deliver the total floor-care solution. The battery powered bag-less Handy-Stick is ideal for conventional domestic use and offers a long lasting battery to ensure the best cleaning performance. The space saving design and the slim nature of the product make it ideal for use in tight spaces and the detachable handheld tool is perfect for hard to reach areas, offering maximum flexibility.

2-in-1 Handheld

The Handy-Stick offers versatility with the detachable hand held vacuum hidden on its body which is easily removed from the main frame by pushing the release button.

Twin Chamber System & Hygienic HEPA Filter

The Handy-Stick’s Twin Chamber system allows for enhanced dust collection due to the uniquely designed cyclonic air flow. Strong centrifugal force is generated which separates dust from the air. Dust particles and debris are subsequently sieved into the outer chamber until it's time to empty. The advanced washable HEPA filter is integrated into the Twin Chamber System™ and catches microscopic dust particles which may cause asthma or allergy, ensuring cleaned exhausted air.

Rechargeable Li-ion battery for longer operation

Samsung’s advanced technologies allow the Handy-Stick to maintain its powerful performance, operating for twice as long as conventional hand sticks while requiring less charging. Plus, the convenient charging station delivers double the convenience as a charging station as well as storage.

Flexible Swivel brush

The Swivel brush gives you increased manoeuvrability while you vacuum. Now you can clean difficult areas, such as under the table and bed, more conveniently.

Easy to Empty Dustbin

Collected dust in dustbin can be disposed easily and hygienically. All you need to do is press, pull out and pour. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of its large capacity.

Efficient edge cleaning

A movable rubber edge cleaner is added onto the front side of the brush and activated when the vacuum is pushed forward and closes when pulled back, capturing all dust and debris in hard to reach edges and corners.


The Handy-Stick can stand alone meaning you can leave the vacuum, perform other tasks, and then come straight back and carry on where you left off. The slim nature of its design also means it is fantastic for space-saving and easy storage.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.