Sleek stainless steel styling and high performance features deliver real drying power for your laundry room. The Samsung front loading DV431 dryer gives you a large 7.4 cu. ft. Capacity with stainless steel drum to prevent rust or discolouration. Forward-thinking design features offer advanced operating settings including a Mix Load Bell that notifies you when certain garments are dry so that they can be removed to allow more efficient drying of the remaining items. In addition, a Filter Check Indicator makes sure you empty the filter when it’s full for increased drying efficiency, and a 24 Hour delay start gets the work done even when you’re not there. Energy efficient Samsung dryers use the power of steam to reduce ironing, eliminate wrinkles and remove odours, and the Woolmark Certified cycle gently cleans wool items without the risk of shrinking. The Samsung DV431 dryer offers you a higher level of performance with its sophisticated technology that dries your clothes faster and more efficiently.

Mixed Load Bell

Drying efficiency is extremely important, and this useful feature lets users know when certain garments can be removed while the remaining load is left to dry more quickly and efficiently. The Mixed Load Bell reduces drying time and the energy required to dry completely, particularly with heavier clothes.

Steam dryer

Samsung dryers use the power of steam to dry your clothes more efficiently. The steam refresh cycle infuses clothes with steam to refresh them and remove odours, and relaxes wrinkles to reduce the need for ironing.

Premium Design

New metal look and its refined beauty upgrades your life even more. Samsung paid careful attention to every detail designs. Unlike conventional wash, Samsung's new washing machine with its sophisticated design renders the whole laundry room with the complete solution people look for in a laundry room renovation / upgrade.

Woolmark Certified

Introducing the world’s first electric dryer with Woolmark Certified wool cycle, that gently cleans your favourite wool garments without the risk of shrinking or tattering, ensuring extra care without requiring extra work.

Drum Light

Interior Drum Light illuminates the dryer interior to make loading and unloading easier.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Pedestal sold separately.