Generous capacity means fewer loads

Whether you have several sets of bedding to wash, or your kids go through three outfits a day, you need a washer that can hold larger loads. The large 4.8 cu.ft capacity of the Smart Washer lets you wash up to 29 bath towels at once. Not only will you save time by washing fewer loads, you’ll also save water and energy.

Get your laundry done in style

You don’t have to be an interior designer to turn the space where you do laundry into an artistic statement. The sophisticated and dynamic design of the Samsung Washer and Dryer brings flair into the most overlooked room in the house, while the chrome trim adds a touch of elegance. Laundry time just became more pleasant.

PureCycle™ keeps your washer clean

Over time, detergent residue and odor-causing bacteria build up on the surface of a washer’s drum. That doesn’t mean you’ll ever have to scrub it out. PureCycle™ uses hot water and drum rotation to clean and sanitize the drum — no bleach or other solutions needed. You’ll even know when it’s time to run the self-cleaning mode thanks to an indicator light on the control panel.

Laundry - Pure Cycle

So quiet, you’ll forget it’s running

Quietly enjoy the convenience of having a washer near your bedroom. With Samsung’s VRT™ (Vibration Reduction Technology), you’ll barely hear noise or vibration even when the washer’s spinning. VRT™ uses a liquid balancer to correct uneven and noisy rotation, and stops and restarts the drum should it become imbalanced. Enjoy a little peace and quiet while waiting for your clothes to be cleaned.

Laundry - VRT (Pen)

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