Get more clothes cleaner than ever with the Samsung WA50 high efficiency top-load washer. It can hold very large loads of clothes, sheets and towels, while the powerful AquaJet™ system ensures complete soaking/cleaning of every item. The WA50 also features a premium and sophisticated design that takes elegance and sheik to a whole new level. Other various clever features such as Smart Touch Control and Smart Care enable usage convenience and ease of monitoring.

Generous capacity means fewer loads

Whether you have several sets of bedding to wash or your kids go through three outfits a day, you need a washer than can hold larger loads. The large 5.7 cu.ft capacity enables you to wash up to 36 bath towels at once. So not only do you save time by washing fewer loads, but you also get to save on water usage.

Wash your clothes powerfully—and gently

AquaJet™ ensures even your largest loads are thoroughly soaked during the wash cycle, while at the same time effectively flushing out stains with highly concentrated water steams. AquaJet™ also safely cleans your more delicate fabrics by using drum rotation instead of a pulsator to protect your clothes from being damaged.


Presenting a washer as stylish as your favorite night-on-the-town outfit. A sleek build proves that premium washers don’t have to be bulky, while an eye-pleasing chrome line adds luxurious overtones to the washer’s already dynamic presence. The elegant ice-blue LED lights of the touch screen combine with slightly raised soft-touch buttons and a metallic jog wheel to enhance the washer’s sophisticated design.

Smart Care

Easier to program, more convenient to use
Imagine not having to call the repairman thanks to the washer notifying you of the problem first. Thanks to Smart Care, the washing machine is able to detect and diagnose error codes firsthand and notice you easy-to-follow troubleshooting tips to your smart phone. Still don’t quite understand? No worries – simply press the Connect Service icon to the bottom right, and one of our friendly call centre representatives will assist you in solving the issue.

Smart Touch Control

Durable and less noise
The intuitive and easy-to-follow Smart Touch Control panel lets you quickly program cycles with a few simple touches. Set the ideal water temperature, spin cycle and soil level through the touch screen. It also shows you a progress indicator (i.e., the amount of time left). And everything from the jog wheel to the soft-touch buttons has been engineered to complement its premium design.


Enjoy a peaceful washing experience with VRT™
Listen to music, chat on the phone, or simply enjoy quiet time while doing laundry. Samsung’s VRT® (Vibration Reduction Technology) reduces noise by using a liquid balancer to ensure even rotation. And when the drum’s rotation balance is off, VRT™ stops and restarts the washer for continued quiet operation. Less vibration also improves the washer’s durability.

Laundry - Aqua Jet

Laundry - VRT (Pen)

Laundry - Smart Care Scanning

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