Your laundry room can now be functional, eco-friendly and stylish with Samsung's 4.3 cu ft WF331 front load steam washer. Its features include Samsung's innovative Diamond Drum™ design, which cradle delicate fabrics for fewer snags, and Pure Cycle™ which keeps the washer drum clear of any leftover water from the previous wash cycle. VRT™, Vibration reduction technology™, reduces noise and provides a smooth operation by handling small and unbalanced loads. And not only are Samsung washers ENERGY STAR® qualified, but they use less water so less energy is used.

So quiet, you’ll hardly know it’s on

Enjoy some peace and quiet during laundry time, for a change. The Samsung WF331’s VRT™ Vibration Reduction Technology™ is so quiet, you’ll forget it’s on. This innovative technology allows installation on second floors or near bedrooms because it provides smooth operation at spin speeds up to 1200 revolutions per minute, significantly reducing vibration and noise while improving handling of unbalanced loads.

The Biggest Capacity in its class – 4.3 Cu. ft

Large enough for your family’s needs. More capacity means fewer loads, which can lower your water and electric bills. Since you don't have to do as many loads, you save time, money, water, and your sanity.

Deep Steam Cycle

Samsung’s deep steam washers save time, energy and money. Deep steam cleaning boosts washer performance by loosening dirt without pre-treating.

Eco-friendly cleaning with PureCycle™

Greatly extend the life of your washer and keep it looking new, with eco-friendly Samsung PureCycle™. With the push of one button, heat and water (140 °F, 60 °C) combined with high-speed rpm, eliminate detergent residue, dirt and the odor-causing bacteria that form on the inside surfaces of the washer drum for a sparkling finish—and one that didn't require special washing machine cleaner or any harmful chemicals.

Diamond Drum™

Samsung’s exclusive Diamond Drum cradles clothing so there’s less wear on fabrics. Water exit holes are 36% smaller than those found in conventional drum designs and are at the bottom of a diamond-shaped surface, which significantly reduces snags and pulls.

ENERGY STAR® qualified

By being ENERGY STAR® qualified you are assured that your Samsung model is helping the environment by using less energy while saving you money.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Pedestal sold separately.