Your laundry room can now be functional, eco-friendly and stylish with Samsung's 4.3 cu ft WF350 front load steam washer. Its features include Samsung's innovative Diamond Drum™ design, which cradle delicate fabrics for fewer snags, and Pure Cycle™ which keeps the washer drum clear of any leftover water from the previous wash cycle. VTR™, Vibration reduction technology™, reduces noise and provides a smooth operation by handling small and unbalanced loads. And not only are Samsung washers ENERGY STAR® qualified, but they use less water so less energy is used.

So fresh and clean, it must be steam

The Steam Wash function injects steam directly into the laundry in the wash tub.
Steam injection increases the wash temperature, enhances the soak effect, and
improves the washer's performance.

Keep clothes looking new with Diamond Drum™

You shouldn’t have to damage your favourite fabrics in order to get them perfectly clean. That’s why the Samsung WF350 features unique Diamond Drum™ technology, which replaces the typical washing drum with one covered in deep, diamond-shaped depressions and water exit holes 33% smaller than conventional. This revolutionary texture keeps your fabrics safe from snags, while creating the perfect environment for gentle but effective washing. Keep your clothes in top condition by trusting them to the Samsung WF350's exclusive Diamond Drum™.

So quiet, you’ll forget it’s on

Enjoy some peace and quiet during laundry time, for a change. The Samsung WF350’s VRT™ Vibration Reduction Technology™ significantly reduces vibration during washing, which means less noise coming from your laundry room. It also means improved handling of unbalanced loads, even small loads that easily go out of balance in typical washers. Vibration Reduction Technology™ uses a series of counterweights to keep your laundry spinning smoothly, and your home environment peaceful. Because who says laundry time can’t also be quiet time?

The Biggest Capacity in its class – 4.3 Cu. ft

Large enough for your family’s needs. More capacity means fewer loads, which can lower your water and electric bills. Since you don't have to do as many loads, you save time, money, water, and your sanity

Pure Cycle™

The PureCycle™ feature keeps the washer drum clear of any leftover water from the previous wash cycle, and the hot water keeps mildew or odour from developing.

Direct Drive Warranty

All Samsung 27” front load washing machines come with a 10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty for greater durability. The direct drive motor works without belts or gears reducing vibration, making the washer quieter and more durable.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Pedestal sold separately.