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You have better things to do than wait around for your laundry. Get clothes beautifully clean faster with PowerFoam™ and SpeedSpray™.

Laundry - Power Foam

Laundry - Speed Spray

Get clothes cleaner faster with SpeedSpray™ and PowerFoam™

Less time doing laundry means more time enjoying life. SpeedSpray™ uses powerful water jets to thoroughly rinse away detergent residue and help reduce your washing time. The jets save up to 90 minutes on an average week’s worth of laundry, compared to conventional washers.* And PowerFoam™ technology creates a powerful, yet gentle foam for deep and thorough cleaning, even on large, bulky items like comforters and towels.

* Based on DOE standard average of 7.5 loads per week, a normal one-hour wash can now be completed in as little as 45 minutes vs. washers without SpeedSpray™.

Let Smart Care diagnose and troubleshoot problems for you

Imagine not having to call a repairperson when there’s a problem because your washer notified you first with the solution. The Smart Washer and Dryer come equipped with the innovative Smart Care. Smart Care detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage and sends easy troubleshooting solutions to your smart phone. You don’t even have to consult your user manual — you can correct the issue before it becomes a real headache.

Laundry - Smart Care Scanning

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