For better washing performance and superior fabric care, PowerFoam™ evenly distributes detergent and removes deeper stains faster than normal detergent alone.

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VRT™ Plus

Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology™ Plus provides a smooth and quiet operation by using dual 3D sensors which are mounted in the machine, guaranteeing even less vibration and noise. It improves handling of unbalanced loads, including small loads for a quiet, pleasant laundry experience.

PureCycle™ - cleaning with eco-technology

Greatly extend the life of your washer and keep it looking new, with eco-friendly Samsung PureCycle™. With the push of one button, heat and water combined with high-speed rpm, eliminate detergent residue, dirt and the odor-causing bacteria that form on the inside surfaces of the washer drum for a sparkling finish—and one that didn't require special washing machine cleaner or any harmful chemicals.

Eco Cold Wash

Use cold water and foam to clean clothes just as effectively as a conventional warm water cycle and at 53% less energy.

Enjoy the outdoors, but keep it off your clothes.

For family members who love to enjoy an active life, surrounded by nature, nothing helps get rid of mother nature's grime and dirt better than the ActiveWear Cycle designed especially for the delicate materials of outdoor wear.

Premium Design

New metal look and its refined beauty upgrades your life even more. Samsung paid careful attention to every detail designs. Unlike conventional wash, Samsung's new washing machine with its sophisticated design renders the whole laundry room with the complete solution people look for in a laundry room renovation / upgrade.

Deep Steam Cycle

Samsung’s deep steam washers save time, energy and money. Deep steam cleaning boosts washer performance by loosening dirt without pretreating.

Powerful stain removal without the pre-wash stain treatment

A one-of-a-kind Stain Away cycle in the Samsung washer removes the most common stain annoyances, and also removes the need for pre-wash stain treatment of your laundry, no matter how delicate the fabric. Protect your laundry from everything from chocolate/milk, fruit juice, coffee/tea, and wine, to dirt/mud, and even grass.

Installation options

Side-by-Side, On Pedestals, Stacked, Stacked Depth (38”)

Diamond Drum™

Samsung’s exclusive Diamond Drum cradles clothing so there’s less wear on fabrics. Water exit holes are 36% smaller than those found in conventional drum designs and are at the bottom of a diamondshaped surface, which significantly reduces snags and pulls.

Drum Light

Interior Drum Light illuminates the dryer interior to make loading and unloading easier.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Pedestal sold separately.