WF9100 6.5 cu.ft Front-Load Washer (Onyx)


WF9100 6.5 cu.ft Front-Load Washer (Onyx) The WF9000 washer features, the largest capacity at 6.5 cu. ft., which can wash up to 3.5 laundry baskets full of clothes (or 40 bath towels*) in a single load, Super Speed feature which significantly reduces laundry cycles, PowerFoam™ technology that gets even large loads of laundry thoroughly clean, Innovative VRT Plus™ technology which reduces noise and vibration during washes and SelfClean+ technology conveniently keeps your drum and gasket hygienically clean without using detergent 5 5 2 reviews

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WF9100 6.5 cu.ft Front-Load Washer (Onyx)



  • 3x the laundry, 1/3 of the time
  • 50% faster wash cycle
  • Powerful washing performance
  • New self-clean technology keeps your front load washer clean of dirt and detergent residue

The Samsung WF9000 washing machine has a 6.5 cu. ft. Largest capacity, which can wash up to 3.5 laundry baskets full of clothes (or 40 bath towels*) in a single load. As a result, you can quickly wash more laundry in a single load, reducing water consumption and saving you time and effort. You can also clean large items, like a king-size comforter, without going to a Laundromat . So you can free yourself from the burden of frequent washes and enjoy more time for yourself.

Fast and efficient washing

Fast and efficient washing
The Super Speed feature significantly reduces laundry times. The big drum is taller and more spacious, which means clothes can be tumbled and agitated more effectively, while SpeedSpray technology shoots cleansing jets of water at them, so detergent is dissolved quickly and they get clean faster. Rinsing jets then shower them with clean water, which is simultaneously drained away. Its VRT Plus system also ensures that the drum is always perfectly balanced, so spinning times are reduced.

Quickly and thoroughly cleans clothes

Quickly and thoroughly cleans clothes
PowerFoam™ technology gets even large loads of laundry thoroughly clean – while going easy on delicate items. By mixing your detergent with air and water it fills every inch of the drum with a thick foam that penetrates fabrics more quickly and deeply than the usual water-and-soap mix. So even without pre-soaking or extra cycles your clothes will come out cleaner than ever before.

Peaceful washing anytime, anywhere

Peaceful washing anytime, anywhere
VRT Plus™ technology reduces noise and vibration during washes. Two rings of spinning stainless steel ball bearings keep the drum perfectly balanced, while the 3 Dimensional Vibration Sensor of the VRT Plus™ detects and minimizes vibration even in high spin speeds. So you can do your laundry anywhere and anytime with less risk of disturbing anyone.

Keeps your front load washer fresh

Keeps your front load washer fresh
For the ultimate in convenience, SelfClean + technology keeps the drum, and also the gasket, hygienically clean. It removes the odor-causing bacteria that can form inside the machine, including the door gasket, without using harsh chemicals, so it saves money. And it can even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning after every 40 cycles
Harmoniously modern and  ergonomic design

Harmoniously modern and ergonomic design

Premium design provides an ergonomic and sophisticated look to complement any modern interior. Practically the only element in sight within its seamless, natural curves is a Big Door, for easier loading and unloading. Its drum also incorporates a unique swirl pattern, which ensures better care of delicate garments, while its control panel with an ice blue LED display provides clear information about your washing.
Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

Smart Care technology is an automatic error-monitoring system. It detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions through the LCD screen or using smartphone App*. So you don't have to find the manual or call a repairman if you have a problem with the machine – saving you time and potentially expensive repair bills.

tech specs

Dimension of WF56H9100AG/A2

USP & Features

  • Capacity

    6.5 cu.ft

  • Smart Care


  • Motor Spec

    0.8 HP

  • Cycle Time (AHAM 8lbs)

    45 min


  • Body Color


  • Display Type


  • LED color

    Ice Blue



  • Energy Guide



  • Number of Cycles


  • Sensor Dry


    Heavy Duty




    Perm Press


    Active Wear










Options & Settings

  • Options
    Number of Options


    My Cycle


    Smart Care


    Sound on / off


    Child Lock


    Drum Light


Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    Product (WxHxD)

    30.0" x 42.6" x 32.5"

    Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD)

    31.9" x 46.3" x 33.6"

  • Weight
    Product Capacity

    121 kg

    Shipping Weight

    126 kg


Owners Overall Ratings

9 out of 12 (75%) customers recommend this product

  • Features4.0/5.0
  • Performance4.1/5.0
  • Design3.9/5.0
  • Value4.0/5.0

Owner Reviews

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  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value5/5.0

Quiet quick efficient

Bought this product based on design, function, and overall performance....and I'm glad I did. The machine is quiet and washes my clothes well. The clothes come out of the washer with minimum wetness making it easier for the dryer to dry the garments.

I like this product plus it looks good too..;-).

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  • Features1/5.0
  • Performance1/5.0
  • Design1/5.0
  • Value1/5.0

Waste of money

Arrived at doorsteps inoperable. Tub fills up with water and shuts off. Imagine the fun of a front load washer full of water and wet clothes with nomanual way to start spin cycle.

Has been a headache ever since. Not what you would expect buying their flagship washer. Steer clear. Don't buy.

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  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value4/5.0

Exceptional Washer

This replaced my aging He3t a couple of weeks ago. This washer holds twice as much as the He3t, and even when it's loaded to close to capacity, everything comes out cleaner, brighter and softer than it did with the He3t.

When the He3t was filled close to capacity, nothing would come out very clean, so I couldn't load it much more than halfway. Not so with the 9100. And when the load was heavy or unbalanced, the He3t would "walk", or would take half an hour trying to rebalance the load. Sometimes it would just give up and not spin the load. I have yet to see a load that the 9100 could not rebalance in just a few seconds, and it has never "walked" or failed to spin in the 2 weeks we have it, and I've been giving it loads twice the size. Bravo, Samsung. I should note that the He3t cleaned everything better than the previous top loading washer it replaced over 10 years ago, but the 9100 makes the clothes cleaner, brighter, and softer. Arm pit stains that were never fully removed with the He3t are now gone. It's so big I was able to wash our oversized dog bed which I had previously had to bring to the laundromat and wash in the 50lb machine. And the bed came out much cleaner and softer than it had at the laundromat, My wife loves the way they look, and she loves the way her clothes are coming out. The machine is expensive, but it's a good value for the money because the performance is so good.

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  • Features3/5.0
  • Performance4/5.0
  • Design2/5.0
  • Value4/5.0

Product suggestion

It's great set, but to stack it, I wish the controls for the dryer were on the bottom of dryer. When you stack the two together it would be nice to have the control panels be able to meet together in middle when stacked.

I have to use a stool to turn my dryer on. Can you invent a stackable set just to do this? Thanks

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