WA56H9000AP Top-Load Washer, 6.5 cu.ft


WA56H9000AP Top-Load Washer, 6.5 cu.ft The WA9000 features the largest capacity at 6.5 cu. ft., a new Easy Reach design makes loading and unloading much easier, a harmoniously and ergonomic design that will suit any home, Aquajet system that delivers outstanding cleanliness and rinsing, Self Clean technology which will hygienically clean with hot water and no expensive detergent and Smart Care which enables easy troubleshooting using a smartphone App. 1 5 2 reviews

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WA56H9000AP Top-Load Washer, 6.5 cu.ft


  • 3x the laundry, 1/3 of the time
  • Largest loads, easy to reach
  • Powerful steam removes stains
  • Powerful yet gentle water jets thoroughly wash even your biggest loads

The Samsung WA9000 washing machine has a 6.5 cu.ft. Largest capacity, which can wash up to 3.5 laundry baskets full of clothes (or 40 bath towels*) in a single load. As a result, you can quickly wash piles of laundry in a single load, reducing water consumption and saving you time and effort. You can also clean large items, like a king-size comforter, without going to a Laundromat . So you can free yourself from the burden of frequent washes and enjoy more time for yourself.

Easier and more comfortable access

Easier and more comfortable access
Easy Reach design makes loading and unloading much easier. Despite its larger capacity, it has a wide and shallow tub, incorporating 3 innovative features. A lift-up basket enables whole loads to be removed in one go and a wide entrance means you to pick up laundry using both hands. A lower front frame also makes it more comfortable to reach in, without stretching your stomach when unloading.

Harmoniously modern and ergonomic and modern design

Harmoniously modern and ergonomic and modern design
Premium design provides an ergonomic and sophisticated look to complement any modern interior. Its seamless, natural curves are accentuated by an elegant chrome line, and practically the only element in sight is its Larger Door, for easier loading and unloading. And when it’s running the bright, ice blue LED display of its built-in control panel adds a refined beauty, as well as clear feedback about your washing.

Thoroughly clean and rinse

Thoroughly clean and rinse
AquaJet™ system delivers outstanding cleanliness and rinsing. Its powerful, concentrated water spray ensures detergent is distributed evenly and penetrates fabrics faster and deeper, so it washes even your largest loads more thoroughly than conventional top loaders. And, by showering clothes with jets of clean water, it rinses out even small traces of detergent.
Keeps your top load  washer fresh

Keeps your top load washer fresh

SelfClean technology keeps your drum hygienically clean, through a combination of soaking, pulsating and high speed spinning. It removes the odor-causing bacteria that can form inside the machine without using harsh chemicals. And, for complete ease of use, it will even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning after every 40 cycles.
Less odors, less wrinkles

Less odors, less wrinkles

The Steam Refresh cycle infuses your laundry with steam to freshen garments and remove odors
Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

The Smart Care automatic error-monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems and provides easy troubleshooting solutions through the LED screen or using a smartphone App*. So it saves you time and potentially expensive repair bills.


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tech specs

Dimension of WA56H9000AP/A2

Washing Capacity

  • Washing Capacity (cu.ft)

    6.5 cu.ft


  • Body color


  • Pulsator


  • Panel Display


  • Top Cover




  • Cycle time (min)

    53 min

  • Energy Consumption (annual)

    165 kWh/year

  • Energy Consumption (gallons/year)

    Tier III energy efficient

  • Motor Spec (HP)


  • WCF



  • Spin Speed


  • Motor


  • VRT


  • Interior Drum Light


  • Smart Care


  • AquaJet


  • Child Lock


  • Delay End


  • Delay Start


  • Door Lock


  • Drum type

    Swirl Drum

  • Eco Plus


  • EZ Door


  • EZ Reach


  • Garment+


  • My Cycle


  • Internal Heater


  • Progress Indicator


  • Self Clean


  • Tempered Glass Window


  • Number of Temp. Level

    6 EA

  • Number of Soil Level

    5 EA

  • Number of Spin Level

    5 EA


  • Number of Cycle


  • Number of Option


  • Cycle List

    Normal, Niagara Wash, WaterProof, Deep Steam, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Sanitize, Allergen, Bedding, Colors / Darks, Active Wear, Delicates, Quick Wash, Rinse + Spin, Spin

  • Option List

    AquaJet Deep Clean, Self Clean, Delay End, My Cycle, Pre Soak, Extra Rinse, Sound, Child Lock, Fabric Softener, Smart Care, Eco Plus

Physical specification

  • Net Dimension (WxHxD)

    30.0" x 44.9" x 32.3"  

  • Net Weight

    79 kg

  • Gross Dimension (WxHxD)

    810 x 1200 x 850 mm

  • Gross Weight

    85 kg


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