GALAXY Camera Point, shoot and edit like a professional photographer, all without having to connect to your computer. The GALAXY Camera shoots incredibly vivid photos and video with the help of a Super Long 21x zoom. And with its wireless 3G/4G connectivity, you can easily connect, upload and share directly to your personal contacts, Facebook friends, Instagram followers and more. The 121.2 mm (4.8") HD Super Clear Touch display lets you review and edit with clarity, while the ultra-sharp 308 pixels per inch gives you a full spectrum of colours. Shoot, edit, share, and enjoy your photos and videos like never before. 0 5 0 reviews

Recycling Batteries Responsibly

  • The European Directive on Batteries and Accumulators aims to minimise the impact of batteries on the environment and encourage the recovery of the materials they contain. In the UK, regulations on the recycling of batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries) were Introduced in 2009. The Waste Batteries Regulations aim to significantly increase UK collection and recycling of used portable batteries from 3% in 2007 to 25% by 2012, rising to at least 45% in 2016.

  • The battery symbol on a product or on its packaging indicates that the product must not be disposed of with general household waste. Instead, it is the consumer’s responsibility to dispose of their waste batteries at a designated collection point so that they can be recycled. The separate collection and recycling of batteries at the time of dispo sal will help to conserve natural resources and ensure that they are recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment. A comprehensive list of battery recycling centres can be obtained from: www.recycle-more.co.uk

  • All Samsung products that are subject to the Batteries Directive are compliant with the UK battery and accumulator Requirements. In accordance with national law, SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd is a member of an approved batteries producer compliance scheme. This scheme collects, treats and disposes of batteries on Samsung’s behalf.



  • Shoot Like a Pro
  • Flexibility to Capture Natural Beauty
  • Cleaner Photos Every Time
  • Sharp Images in Low Light

Shoot Like a Pro

The GALAXY Camera is the easiest way to shoot like a pro. Capture the perfect trails of light at night on a busy intersection full of red tail lights. Or instantly shoot a high-speed sports scene with Action Freeze. With just a tap of Smart Pro Mode, you can set up and perfectly shoot almost any scene.

Flexibility to Capture Natural Beauty

Shoot from a distance and with the flexibility to frame your shots creatively. The GALAXY Camera’s Super Long 21x zoom lets you get incredibly close while the 23 mm wide lens lets you pull back and capture large spaces with ease. Now you can perfectly frame your photos the way you want.

Cleaner Photos Every Time

Shoot professional-quality photos with the help of a high ISO sensor. A high ISO sensor allows you to take photos with less noise and artifacts, so you can shoot clean photos that require less touching up.

Sharp Images in Low Light

Now you can capture high-speed action shots in low light with full range F2.8 aperture. The GALAXY Camera lets you capture and share sharp and crisp shots without having to rely on perfect lighting, so you can pull out your camera and take the perfect photo every time.

Crystal-Clear Slow Motion

Instead of playing back your HD footage in slow motion, record it that way with Slow Motion video. The GALAXY Camera captures your most precious memories at an amazing 120 frames per second and 720 x 480 resolution, and then plays them back slowly in crystal-clear video.

Intuitive Menus

With the GALAXY Camera, you won’t be intimidated by the amount of manual options. The simple and intuitive touch interface is easy to understand and use. Whether you need to set up the perfect family portrait or catch a few frames of the soccer game, big icons and helpful menus will guide you to the perfect option.

Android Jelly Bean OS

The GALAXY Camera is the first camera to include Android Jelly Bean, the latest operating system available for smartphones. Jelly Bean helps make your camera smooth, fast and customizable. It also supports all of the apps and options you’re familiar with. Now you can have the latest and most powerful operating system on our camera.

Powerful Processor and a Large Screen

Now you don't have to wait until you get back home to properly review and edit your photos. The GALAXY Camera's 121.2 mm (4.8") HD Super Clear Touch display with 308 pixels per inch gives you the full spectrum of all your photos and videos on a 16:9 screen. The GALAXY Camera is also powered by a fast quad core CPU, so you can shoot and instantly review on a large screen without any lag.

Professionally Edit Photos on the Fly

Now you don’t have to connect to your computer because you can edit right from your camera. The GALAXY Camera packs an amazing set of 65 powerful editing features so you can edit professionally while on the go. Best Face lets you replace faces with the perfect moment, and Paper Artist lets you turn your photos into artful sketches. And with Auto Face Calibration, Photo Wizard, Video Wizard and even more apps from the Google Play Store, you’ll always have plenty of editing options.

Always be Connected

Now you can leave your laptop at home and save the luggage space. The GALAXY Camera is the only truly connected camera in the world. Straight from the camera, you can connect, upload and share. It also comes with built-in apps like Intagram, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and more. So now you can take a photo and share it instantly, all without compromising the professional quality.

Shoot to Share

Remember all those annoying group photos that take forever because everyone brought their own camera? With the GALAXY Camera, you only need to shoot it once because you can share your photos right after you shoot them. With the help of Wi-Fi Direct, Share Shot and Easy Share, you can share your pictures with up to 8 other Wi-Fi direct devices within range.

Browse from Your Camera

Now you can browse the web right from your GALAXY Camera. Look up reference shots, how-tos and any other information you can find online without having to find a computer or take out your phone.

Auto-Cloud Backup

No matter what you shoot, you’ll always have it saved. The GALAXY Camera’s convenient Auto-Cloud Backup feature saves all of your photos and videos directly to Dropbox without you having to do a thing. Just connect your GALAXY Camera to your Dropbox account and start shooting.

tech specs

  • Display
  • Battery
    1650 mAh


  • Internal

    HD Super Clear LCD (TFT)


    1280 x 720 (HD)



    Color Depth

    16 M


  • Standard

    1650 mAh

    Stand-by Time

    Up to 280 h (3G / 4G)

Memory size - Portion of memory occupied by existing content.

SAR Information

SAR Information

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Owners Overall Ratings

19 out of 22 (86%) customers recommend this product

  • Features4.6/5.0
  • Performance4.5/5.0
  • Design4.4/5.0
  • Value4.0/5.0

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  • Features3/5.0
  • Performance3/5.0
  • Design4/5.0
  • Value2/5.0

No updates .

Still waiting for updates for this expensive camera. Otherwise camera is fine. But in 1 year no updates will never purchase Samsung again.



  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value5/5.0

Awesome Camera once I connected a bluetooth wireless mic

I purchased the camera to record product presentation videos. I had recorded videos with the cameras microphone but was not pleased. The audio was poor as the photographer would change location and sometimes due to wind the audio was hard to hear.

I purchased a Nolan bluetooth mic and quickly paired it with the camera. Unfortunately the camera app that came with the camera would not recognize the bluetooth audio source. After a few months I discovered the LG Camera, but it did not recognize the bluetooth mic. I discovered an app named btmono on the app site. Once installed I simply paired the camera to the bluetooth mic the started btmono and turned the mic on. I then started the LG Camera app and chose microphone from the audio source and default for audio encoder. I can now clip the BT Mic to my shirt and record awesome presentations. You will love the quality of videos and photos. And.... It does so many more things

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  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value5/5.0

The Smartest Camera Ever! Simply Amazing!

I am so pleased with my purchase, i recently got the Samsung Galaxy camera and it is amazing! the device is made of premium materials and works perfectly! the zoom is extraordinary and crystal clear, the pictures come out vivid and clear and blow up on the big screen with amazing quality.

the optics on this camera are far into the advanced camera section! the camera boots up quickly and android works fluid and slick! and the battery is phenomenal, it lasts for so long considering its large super clear screen which has vivid viewing angles and shows pictures at a new level! i especially like how i can read my emails on the go, WITH A CAMERA. Due to it being 4G I can upload my photos to friends no matter where I am! I am so pleased with this camera and cannot recommend it enough! the camera is worth the money. I cannot find any faults or cons about this camera, i am so pleased with my purchase.

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  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design4/5.0
  • Value4/5.0

The Perfect Camera for the Connected

The Galaxy Camera is the ultimate social camera. While WiFi uploads are nothing new to point and shoot cameras, Samsung has taken it one step furtherby essentially taking an S3 brain, and adding a camera body with a really good zoom lens.

The Galaxy camera is smaller and lighter than a SLR camera which makes it perfect for every day use or taking on vacations.The Samsung Galaxy Camera is more than just a camera though, with it you can play games, check and respond to emails, keep up to date on your latest social media site and share files and photos between devices using AllShare cast.

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