Update your Samsung Galaxy Gear to TIZEN through Kies and get the latest version of Gear Manager to take advantage of all-new features:
• Fitness and Sleep
• Standalone Music Player
• Personalize Fonts and Backgrounds
• More Gear Apps


The high quality metallic wrist of GALAXY Gear comfortably wraps around your hand. With easy reach, you are able to check several features, including time, messages, music control and so on through the square-shaped touch screen on your watch. Various color choices offer you the joy of matching it with your style. The exquisite GALAXY Gear is made with stainless steel materials on the border of the square which conveys a luxurious look.

*Not all colours available in Canada*


Calls always within reach.

Missed a call because you couldn't hear or reach your phone?
Now, with GALAXY Gear, never miss a call; you can answer and make calls from your wrist.

S Voice

Optimized S Voice makes spoken and typed commands equally fast options.

GALAXY Gear is set to respond to your fingers or voice at all times.
The S voice function lets GALAXY Gear assist your busy on-the-go life by allowing you to create schedules and check new messages instantly.

* Call, Contact, Schedule, Task, Alarm, Clock, Timer, Application,Messages, Weather, Help

Notification & Smart Relay

Seamless communication from Gear to your phone.

Experience seamless communicationfrom your Gear to your phone.
When you get an important notification on GALAXY Gear, your phone will automatically show the message by picking up the phone.
Enjoy the delightful communication without the hassle of any additional steps.


Quick snapshots to create lasting memories.

Missed an important moment while setting up your camera phone?
Now with GALAXY Gear, you can take a quick snapshot memo or catch a treasured image before the perfect moment passes.
just because your cameraphone isn't in your hand. And of course, Gear lets you share these memos instantly through SNS.

Voice Memo

Touchless voice memos.

Tell GALAXY Gear everything you want to remember.
You no longer need to take your phone out of your pocket or bag to write a memo. Just speak to your Gear

Switch things into high gear

With seamless synchronization to your smartphone, Galaxy Gear keeps you effortlessly connected. Receive at-a-glance notifications, make hands-free calls, and record HD (720p) videos without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. It’s the future of mobile, and it’s only from Samsung.

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Smart Simulator

Learn the full potential of your Samsung device with Smart Simulator. The simulator is an interactive tool that shows you step by step navigation on how to use Samsung products at your own pace.

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How-To Videos

Reach the full potential of your Galaxy Gear with Samsung SPSN how-to videos. Follow along with easy to understand step-by-step instructions.

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Available at the following retailers:

• Source
• Wind
• Videotron
• Bell
• Rogers
• Telus
• Future Shop
• Best Buy

*Available at select locations while supplies last.