The season’s most indulgent handset is here and fashion addicts will flip over CLEO. Featuring a compact design and shimming shades, CLEO is available in pink, champagne and light blue — as well as a limited edition version available with yummy lip butter from CAKE Beauty. Inside is just as exciting: CLEO comes with a full QWERTY keypad, perfect for firing off rapid text messages. Threaded SMS displays every text in chat-conversation format. And the 1.3 mexapixel camera captures every moment in runway quality.

QWERTY keyboard

CLEO’s convenient QWERTY keypad makes sending emails and text messages quick and easy.

built-in MP3 player with expandable memory up to 8 GB

Load MP3s onto a microSD card of up to 8 GB memory and have music with you wherever you go.

1.3 megapixel camera

- Get it all in a snap – take pictures wherever you go!
- Share clips with friends and family, or send pictures to other devices using Bluetooth or Multimedia Messaging service.

stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology

-Talk hands-free and wirelessly with a Bluetooth® enabled earpiece.
-Synch your phone up to other Bluetooth® devices to send and receive data.
-Listening to music in stereo and without the cords using a Bluetooth headset.

threaded text messaging

Threaded text messaging means your incoming texts will be organized according to who sent them.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Battery performance may change depending on the network configuration, operating temperature and usage.
(1) Dependant on your service provider.