If you work in rigorous environments or you’re simply looking for a phone that can withstand daily wear and tear the Samsung Rugby III is built for you. This easy-to-use device is rugged, dependable and already equipped with the tools you need to stay connected from anywhere. The Rugby III is military-grade certified and proven to withstand water, dust, shock, extreme temperatures and even high altitudes. It also features noise suppression technology in the microphone so you can talk on the phone in loud environments. Play your tunes with the built-in MP3 player and take photos and videos with the 3 MP camera. The Samsung Rugby III is built to withstand the elements, so take it anywhere anytime.

Built for Rugged Conditions

From rainstorms to dusty construction sites, the Samsung Rugby III is reliable in even the most extreme conditions. This military-grade certified device was tested and proven to withstand 4 inches of rainfall per hour, blowing sand and dust, the shock of a 4-foot drop, extreme temperatures, and even an altitude of 15,000 feet. The military put the Rugby III to the test, so you can take it almost anywhere.

Take Quick Photos and Videos

The ability to take a photo or video for reference is a valuable tool when you’re on site, so the Samsung Rugby III ensures you can capture what you need, when you need it. The 3 MP camera shoots clear photos and videos at 15 frames per second. The files are small so you can easily share them with your contacts.

Speaker Phone in Loud Environments

In loud, disruptive environments, using speakerphone is almost useless. But the large external speaker on a Samsung Rugby III makes the device louder than ever. Now you can be on the job site or in a crowd and you’ll still be able to freely use the speakerphone.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Samsung Rugby III’s battery life will last the entire workday, and then some. The 1300 mAh battery is built to last, so you won’t find yourself struggling to find a plug in the middle of a busy workday.


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Always Be Heard

The loud sounds of thunderstorms, crowds, revving engines and more won’t get in the way of your next conversation. The Samsung Rugby III comes with 2 Mic Noise Suppression technology that isolates your voice from surrounding noise. You’ll have clearer conversations even in loud conditions.

Always Know Where You Stand

In crisis situations, knowing what direction you’re facing can be extremely important. The Samsung Rugby III comes with a pre-installed sensor controlled e-compass so you’ll always know where you are.

Surf the Web from Everywhere

Use the Samsung Rugby III’s web browser to quickly look up any information you might need. The web browser is fast, quick to respond and easy to navigate.

PTT With Large External Speaker

Push to Talk
Now you can communicate with other Rugby III users without even making a phone call. Push to Talk enables a walkie-talkie-like experience so you just need to push a single button to activate it. The large external speaker also makes it easy to hear. It’s fast, reliable and keeps you in contact.

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