The Samsung T159 is the compact mobile phone you’ve been waiting for. The size and sleek design allows you to carry it anywhere and everywhere, while the large keypad makes all of the options easy to access. Connect to your other devices with Bluetooth, and connect to the web with the powerful Dual Band HSDPA. If you’re looking for an economic option on a reliable mobile phone, look no further than the T159.

Flip and Capture

For quick reference photos or spur of the moment situations, simply flip open the T159 and snap a quick picture. The 1.3 MP camera captures images with incredible clarity so you can quickly take out your phone, flip it open and get great photos of you and your friends.

High Speed Connection

Browse the web, send and receive files and stream mobile videos at high speeds. The Dual Band High-Speed Data Packet Access (HSDPA) sends and receives information at 7.2 Mbps so you don’t have to wait for images and web pages to load.

Easy to See, Easy to Use

Even though the T159 is compact in size, the keypad is large and easy to use. Thanks to the big buttons and simple-to-use features, you can dial, text, navigate web pages and quickly snap photos with ease.

Quick Startup and Fast Applications

The T159 doesn’t pull any punches. Thanks to the phone’s 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB of ROM, it starts up quickly and all of the programs are extremely fast and reliable.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

With the T159 you'll get wireless connectivity to your other devices. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your phone to other Bluetooth enabled devices to share photos, contacts and notes. It's equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 giving you a fast connection speed.

Long Lasting and Reliable

Talk, text, browse the web and listen to music for longer without having to recharge the battery. The T159 comes with a reliable 800 mAH battery so you can take advantage of all of the features throughout the day without having to worry about the phone running out of power.

Stylish, Compact Design

You can take the T159 anywhere and everywhere. The compact shape gives you the perfect device to bring wherever you go, while the sleek design and black matte finish provides a unique aesthetic.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Battery performance may change depending on the network configuration, operating temperature and usage.
(1) Dependant on your service provider.