The Samsung GALAXY Rugby™ is the perfect for those looking for a mobile device that can withstand the elements. The ruggedized phone combines all of the power of a smartphone with the durability to take on any environment.

Protection from the elements:

The GALAXY Rugby™ carries an IP67 certifiable rating from the International Protection rating system. Being IP67 certified means dust will not harm it and the device has total protection against immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. So now you can take your mobile device anywhere you want without having to worry.

Incredible battery power:

When you’re working outdoors, the strength and lasting power of your battery can determine if you’re going to get the job done. The 1500 mAh battery contained within the GALAXY Rugby™ provides for longer and more reliable operating times so you don’t need to worry about plugging in.

3.0 MP Camera with flash:

The design of the device is extremely focused on durability, but it still contains all of the functions you’d expect from a smartphone. Complete with a 3.0 mega pixel camera and flash, it allows you to digitally capture images and video wherever you are.

Multi-Media play back:

Bring all of your personal photos, videos and music files wherever your adventures take you. This device supports MP4, H.264, MP3, WAV and more so you can play everything back.

Google goes with you:

Familiar programs like Google Talk™, Gmail™, Google Calendar™, Picasa, YouTube™ and Google Maps™ are all integrated with the Android 2.3 operating system. Now Google goes wherever your adventures take you.

Android 2.3

The Android 2.3 OS allows for fast input and intuitive typing with the keyboard. The operating system also gives you complete control over how your interface looks and functions. Application management gives you insight on what is running in the background and now all of your downloads (browser, email and apps) are controlled from one place. Android 2.3 is unbelievably fast and extremely powerful.

Illuminating Torchlight:

Working at night, underground or in any environment with low visibility can be dangerous, but the GALAXY Rugby™ will help light the way. The illuminating Torchlight shines bright in emergency situations providing you the visibility you need to continue working.

Stay in touch:

The GALAXY Rugby™ has the ultimate tools to keep you connected. The Social Hub combines your email, social networks and even SMS communications on one screen. Now wherever you go, you can stay on top of everything that matters to you!

Take productivity anywhere you go:

With the GALAXY Rugby™ you can take your entire office wherever you go. With Document Editor you can edit Microsoft Excel®, Word® Powerpoint®, and PDF documents. Active sync email also provides a fast, streamlined form of communication back to the office at all times.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Battery performance may change depending on the network configuration, operating temperature and usage.
(1) Dependant on your service provider.