The Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you experience more, live more and accomplish more. It’s the smartphone with infinite possibilities. Now you can preview content simply by hovering your finger over the screen, run two apps at the same time with Multi Window, safely use your phone while driving, and even create personalized photo stories with the help of Story Album. With the Samsung Galaxy S4, the possibilities are infinite.

Galaxy S4 in Red

Play, do and share more with the Galaxy S4 in red, exclusively from Bell.

CIBC Mobile Payment App

The CIBC Mobile Payment App is a convenient and secure way to pay with your CIBC credit card using your smart phone. All you need is an eligible CIBC credit card, your Samsung Galaxy S4, and a data plan with a NFC-enabled SIM card.

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A high-quality display that provides the perfect picture every time.

The incredible full HD 1080p display always presents the best picture quality possible. By adjusting the screen’s brightness and contrast depending on the type of image you’re viewing, all of your HD videos and images are displayed brighter, sharper and easier on the eyes. With seven automatic modes and four manual modes, the Samsung Galaxy S4 consistently makes your content look its best.

Share the fun like never before.

Now you and all of your friends can share a single experience with the help of the Group Play feature. Group Play enables a unique connection with up to 10 different devices so you and those around you can all share the same content on separate screens. So whether it’s a competitive online game, a great song or video, or even a document between co-workers, everyone gets to experience it at the same time.

Share and connect with ChatON.

Nothing can replace the sentimental value or the closeness of a face-to-face conversation, so the Samsung Galaxy S4‘s innovative Dual Camera allows you to use ChatON. ChatON provides HD video chat between you and up to two other people. So now no matter how far away you actually are, you can always feel close to those that matter.

Track your fitness from your phone.

Imagine a smartphone that also works as your personal trainer. The Samsung Galaxy S4 makes this a reality with the new S Health app. The S Health app helps you reach your fitness goals as it tracks your steps and the calories you eat. Now the best motivator to get in better shape comes with the device that fits right in your pocket.

Easy to learn for new smartphone users.

When you first pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4, the thing to remember is simplicity. If you start by using Easy mode, you can customize the entire interface and the settings to fit your comfort level. You’ll also be able to easily navigate through the phone to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Multi-task like never before.

Watch more, browse more and simply do more at the same time. Thanks to Multi Window, the Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you run two different applications at the same time, on the same screen. Now you can check the score of the game while checking your stock quotes.

Watch and Learn

Get the most out of your Galaxy S4 from this series of SPSN How-To Videos.

A camera that brings shared experiences to a whole new level.

Taking photos and videos will never be the same once you use the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Dual Camera. Dual Shot lets you snap a photo of what’s in front of you and a photo of yourself at the same time, so you can share what you see and your reaction in the same photo. With Drama Shot, the camera takes a sequence of action photos, then strings them together into a single picture, letting you tell an entire story with a single photo. And with Eraser Shot, photo bombers beware. You can remove background elements and unwanted intruders from your photos.

Communicate clearly wherever you go.

Thanks to the incredible new S Translator, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a perfect travel companion. With S Translator, you can remove language barriers by simply saying or typing what you need translated. The phone will then display or even read back the translation so you can stay in the conversation. So whether you need to ask for directions, need to know what’s on the menu, or when the next train arrives, the S Translator will help you communicate in over eight different languages.

Create, organize and print memories that will last forever.

Snap some great photos at a friend’s birthday party? Have a gallery of incredible photos from your last vacation? Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Story Album feature, you can organize your photos and create stunning albums to relive the moments again and again. Samsung is also in partnership with Blurb, so now you can print all of the albums stored on your Galaxy S4 in just a few simple steps. Blurb offers 5 x 5-inch softcover albums as well as 7 x 7-inch softcover or hardcover albums.

Transferring your content is easier than ever.

The Smart Switch app makes transferring music, photos and videos from your old device simpler than you can imagine. Smart Switch allows you to transfer files from your old phone to your PC, then transfer those files from your computer to your Samsung Galaxy S4 with just a few simple steps.

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Browse content simply by hovering your finger above the screen.

With Air View and Smart Gesture, you can access content and preview folders without touching the screen. Air View allows you to preview emails, text messages and your photo and video galleries simply by hovering your finger over them. You can also use Air View to zoom in on web content to preview. Smart Gesture lets you enjoy fast, simple navigation by browsing photos and answering incoming calls, all by moving your hand over the screen.

Stay connected while driving

S Voice Drive on the Samsung Galaxy S4 allows employees to safely drive while never missing an important call. A simpler interface and voice-activated controls make for touchless calling and answering, allowing employees to keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

Smart Simulator

Learn the full potential of your Samsung device with Smart Simulator. The simulator is an interactive tool that shows you step by step navigation on how to use Samsung products at your own pace.

Switch things into high gear

With seamless synchronization to your smartphone, Galaxy Gear keeps you effortlessly connected. Receive at-a-glance notifications, make hands-free calls, and record HD (720p) videos without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. It’s the future of mobile, and it’s only from Samsung.

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The Samsung GalaxyS4 is available at the following retailers:

• Bell (Red model exclusive to Bell)
• Eastlink
• Fido
• Koodo
• Mobilicity
• Rogers
• Telus
• Videotron
• Virgin
• Wind

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Battery performance may change depending on the network configuration, operating temperature and usage.
(1) Dependant on your service provider.