ATIV Book 9 Lite TSP

ATIV Book 9 Lite TSP

The Samsung Galaxy MEGA is built for awe-inspiring experiences. With the connectivity of a smartphone, but the added size and functionality of a tablet, it’s the smart device that makes a big impression. Watch movies in unbelievable clarity on its super-wide 6.3-inch LCD screen. Chat with friends and stream videos side by side. Carry it like a smartphone, use it like a tablet – the Samsung Galaxy MEGA is your one device that’s designed for living large.

A majestic wide screen for the ultimate viewing experience

The Samsung Galaxy MEGA’s impressive 6.3-inch display is built to impress. With a higher PPI than most tablets and a resolution that brings everything to life, its awesome screen is perfect for watching videos, surfing the web or beating the high score on your favourite game. For a truly immersive smartphone-viewing experience, it doesn’t get much better than this.

All the benefits of a premium point and shoot camera

If having all the good bits of a tablet wasn’t enough, with the Samsung Galaxy MEGA, you also get the best of the Galaxy Camera. So as well as an 8 MP AF camera with LED flash, 1.9 MP front-facing camera and zero shutter lag, you can play with features like Beauty Face, Best Photo and Panorama. And if you really want to impress, there’s the Voice Command function, letting you tell your camera exactly when to take pictures and record video.

Do more, experience more

Multi Window on the Samsung Galaxy MEGA makes multi-tasking easier than ever. By splitting your screen, you can run multiple apps side by side. So whether you’re watching YouTube and want to keep on browsing, or you’re checking messages and want to open a music playlist, you can do it all at the same time. Better still, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy MEGA’s already considerable display, you’ll get the full experience even on half the screen.

Free up your hands and multi-task with ease

When you first pick up a Samsung Galaxy MEGA, the first thing you’ll notice is its size, and then how right it feels in your hand. The truth is, owning a smartphone that’s big and brilliant can have all sorts of everyday benefits. It means you can do everything you need using just one hand, with a shift dial pad, SwiftKey™ keyboard, calculator and more, ready and waiting at your fingertips.

You’ll never watch TV the same way again

The WatchON app with the Samsung Galaxy MEGA means the end of channel surfing, and the start of something completely different for TV. Now you can browse for shows by genre and eye-catching graphic menus with customized recommendations based on your viewing habits making that essential viewing easier than ever to find. You can even change channels and tweak the volume with a remote control option for some old-school TV time.

Smart, simple and intuitive usability

Because the Samsung Galaxy MEGA is larger than life, it’s social like a smartphone but user-friendly and practical like a tablet. Its familiar and intuitive touch screen helps you customize and organize your display so everything’s set up just the way you like it. What’s more, because the screen’s bigger, the font and layout are bigger too, so all you have to do is open and enjoy.

Browse your phone with the wave of a finger

Thanks to Air View, you can access content and preview folders on the Samsung Galaxy MEGA without touching the screen. By doing little more than hovering your finger, you can preview emails, text messages and photo and video galleries at a moment’s notice. For the socially connected, it’s the perfect solution.

Keep your phone alert whenever it’s
in use

With Smart Stay, there’s no danger of your Samsung Galaxy MEGA switching to Sleep mode when you least expect it. The latest eye-tracking technology means your screen keeps a bright display for as long as you’re looking, so there’s no shutting down in the middle of that all-important text or must-see video. Simply put, the Samsung Galaxy MEGA waits until you’ve fully switched off until it knows it can do the same.

You say the word, your phone does the

Use your handset but not your hands with the Samsung Galaxy MEGA’s voice control options. From answering or rejecting incoming calls and stopping or snoozing alarms, to controlling the music player and even taking pictures, voice control is perfect for those times when your fingers can’t do the talking.

A fast and smooth smartphone that’s
easily customized

While the Samsung Galaxy MEGA is a sight to behold, there’s plenty going on behind the scenes to make this smartphone more than just eye candy. The latest version of Android Jelly Bean gives you lock screen widgets, increased speed and the intuitive Google Now software that serves up useful information just for you. And with LTE technology, you can send and receive files at exceptional speeds.

Big power for a maximized experience

For a smartphone as impressive as the Samsung Galaxy MEGA, you need the power to bring it to life. And with the 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, there’s more than enough under the hood to put it through its paces all day, every day. Add the dependability of a mighty 3200 mAh battery, and you’ll be able to max out your phone however you want, with greater time between charges. So whether you’re watching a movie or playing DJ at a house party, the Samsung Galaxy MEGA has the power to keep you and all your friends connected and entertained.

The Samsung Galaxy MEGA is available
at the following retailers:

● Telus
● Koodo
● Bell
● Sasktel
● Rogers


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